DineSmart: Dine Out Help Out – A Decade of Being StreetSmart

You can DineSmart from 12th November to 24 December 2012 at participating restaurants all over Australia and help a fellow Australian in need.

This is an initiative of StreetSmart Australia, the wonderful not for profit organization, who supports grassroots agencies at the front line who are busy practically helping people experiencing homelessness.

StreetSmart Australia raises the funds so that the others can get on with the job.

DineSmart is an important event, giving us all a simple way of helping make things just a little easier for those in our community who need our help.

So how do you DineSmart?

You can help by ensuring that your birthday, family celebration, corporate executive or office party celebrations, Xmas or otherwise, are held in a participating restaurant.

To find a DineSmart participating restaurant in your city or state in Australia click here

When you book the event you can pledge your donation per person or simply add an amount to your account at the end of the evening, which you can afford to give.

Please offer your support and spread the joy of life around this Christmas season.

Dine Out and Help Out by providing motivation, giving inspiration and some wonderful Christmas Cheer with the gift that matters – helping beyond self so that someone else will have the opportunity to also enjoy a life well lived.

This year you can have a bit of fun while spreading the word of DineSmart and maybe even win a prize! The “Shoot your Dine Smarts” photo competition is open to anyone dining at a DineSmart restaurant… it can be your meal, your plate, your mates, the venue, and then share across Instagram and Twitter – check the rules and get shooting

Adam Robinson of StreetSmart Australia reports they are celebrating their first DineSmart decade, ten years of inspiring people to Dine Out and Help Out.

He said ‘The very first DineSmart took place in 2003 in Melbourne with 19 restaurants. This years event will have over 160 participants spread across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA – a great testimony to the support of the hospitality industry and diners around the country’. 

Ellie and The Shelter Family at the seaside suburb of Manly in Sydney advised Adam recently “I wanted to report that our Homeless Women’s Outreach Worker in Manly is seeing an average of 100 clients per month… sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg. We worry about the people we do not reach. On behalf of our many clients who you will never meet, I thank you from all of us at the Manly Community Centre and Manly Women’s Shelter, for making our work possible.”

Please Dine Out, Help Out and be StreetSmart about DineSmart 2012

Carolyn McDowall, Jo Bayley, Sheena Burnell and the Creative Team @ The Culture Concept Circle

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