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Elizabeth in her garden
Monet's Passion, his garden at Giverny photo by Elizabeth Murray

Monet’s Passion, his garden at Giverny, photo by Elizabeth Murray

The life, heart and soul of his garden were inextricably bound up with that of French Impressionist plein-air painter Claude Monet (1840 – 1926).

Hand coloured image from a famous Photograph of Claude Monet in his garden courtesy Elizabeth Murray

Hand coloured image from a famous photograph of Claude Monet in his garden courtesy Elizabeth Murray

He captured and conveyed first and lasting impressions in his garden at Giverny in Normandy, captivating the world for over a century through his dazzling works of art. He reflected on the illusionary mesmerizing momentary quality of nature, in a captivating array of beauty and timelessness.

The charm and the strength of the French countryside near his home gives each modern traveller an uplifting experience, dotted as it is with a rich inheritance of weathered buildings guaranteed to please the ‘eye’ while keeping faith with a diverse and dramatic rural landscape.

Monet spread the influence of nature through the French Impressionist movement in art far beyond France, refreshing many a heart. He expressed his own perceptions of the natural beauty of flowers by designing a ravishing display and recording it on canvas.

Wisteria-BEST-GivernyAt Giverny the wisteria in his garden that frames the aesthetically appealing bridge over his man made pond full of the water lillies that seduced the world to their favour is still there, as are the roses that cascade spontaneously over a man made arch.

Fabulous flowers are planted annually for each of the four seasons including pansies, violets, forget me nots, asters and poppies.

Elizabeth Murray

hotographer, artist, lecturer and all around Monet enthusiast Elizabeth Murray of Monterey, California

One woman in the world has been recording annually the splendour of the summer season at Monet’s Garden at Giverny ever since it was restored and made accessible to the public in the 80’s.

Photographer, artist, lecturer and all around Monet enthusiast Elizabeth Murray of Monterey, California was invited by the Conservator of the Museé Claude Monet, M. Gérald van der Kemp in 1985 to come, live, work in the gardens at Giverny and to help restore them.

Elizabeth in her gardenShe has been photographing them in all seasons ever since, enjoying privileged access to the site for publication purposes.

In 2017, for the first time the lady who lives her life in ‘full bloom’,  will personally conduct two tours of Monet’s Garden from the base of a glorious Manor House nearby.

June 4-10 and June 11-17, 2017 are the choice of dates and you will need to contact Elizabeth Murray directly to sort out the arrangements. (see below)

Monet-Bridge-at-GivernyElizabeth says… “Imagine entering the walled gardens early in the morning seeing the famous silver and pink light that Monet saw, and then returning once again for the evening apricot hours–which inspired his most famous work.

You will likely be there by yourself, wandering where you want, creating what you want, and planting potent seeds for your own inner artistic expression.

You will end every day as Monet did, with great wine, food, enthusiastic conversation and the fellowship of friends:”.

Monet's-House-&-Garden-GivernyShe can only take a maximum of twelve people. If you would like join in and cultivate your creativity contact Elizabeth directly.

Be beguiled.

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Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

Elizabeth Murray Talks about Giverny

*Images, courtesy Elizabeth Murray

Further Enquiries: Giverny: The Culture Concept Circle Visit in 2018: contact [email protected]

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