Editorial – Muse News February 2011

Welcome to Muse News for February 2011.

The year is off and running and I’m writing this from Brisbane in Queensland. Travelling north in eventful times has meant that I have seen the evidence of the flood that devastated the city two weeks ago for myself. It has indeed been a heartbreaking time for many, but their spirit prevails.

The music of friends seems to be to the fore in this month of Love.  Be sure you take a bite of the apple.

A four-day event at Kings Place, London, Celebrating Grainger 2011, will feature that young talented pianist from Dalby in Queensland Jayson Gillham, who together with friends John Lavender and Penelope Thwaites will present this controversial and interesting composer’s works in his 50th anniversary year.

At Brisbane the renowned keyboard virtuoso Christopher Wrench together with cellist Louise King and friends will feature in the Chamber Music Series.

It may surprise some people to know The Aussie Baby Boomers are the generation still thinking outside the box

If you are into gardens you may enjoy our three part series on Japanese Garden Art. Then there is our two posts in January about French artist Claude Monet and his contemporaries First Impressions and Lasting Impressions at his garden at Giverny.

If you were away and missed our announcement in January, read all about the splendid Downton Abbey coming to Channel 7 in Australia soon.

The Big Society, is about so much more than just Britain, it is an ‘argument for hope’.

At London the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is one of a number of organizations discussing this unique government initiative. During its history of two hundred and fifty plus years the RSA has led a great deal of citizen change so it has a wealth of experience to offer.

Revitalized in recent years by enthusiastic CEO Matthew Taylor, the RSA has just announced the Duke of Edinburgh at his 90th birthday this year will step down as President after a 59 year tenure and a whole new chapter of this important society will begin.

Carolyn - Photograph by Antoine matarasso

You can download a PDF of Muse News from the Home Page. Each issue is packed with a diverse collection of posts and there is also a bevvy of Conversations each few days about topical subjects to consider.

Love, is more than a fragment of life’s heart and a good note to end our February issue on with Valentine’s Day coming up quickly.

Do make sure you are Sleeping Stylishly in your Chamber of Love.

All best, Carolyn

Carolyn McDowall
Creative Director
The Culture Concept Circle

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