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Autumn started with a bang at Melbourne in Victoria on March 1 and my walk along the River Yarra in autumn with rowers, coaches and walkers was indeed refreshing as the temperature hovered around a chilly 13 degrees.

At least they understand what a shade tree is in this city and none are more appealing than those arching over the well trodden paths of the tan around the Botanical Gardens. It will be a joy to watch them as they change the colour of their coats in the weeks ahead.

At the Oscars in Hollywood Colin Firth at Fifty showed the way for young actors to know how to give a good speech in English. Not sure if his suit, like the British Prime Minister’s, was bespoke from Savile Row at London.

Mastering reflections is a challenge for us all and, if we are to have some pride in any shape or form then, let it be in how far we have come as a civilization. We can all strike a blow for positive change in human behaviour, which as we all know and understand today is very complicated.

Archaeology is busy uncovering doorways to the past to invent the future – it’s all such fascinating stuff. The Chinese garden, on the other hand, is bringing out the rhythm of nature and refreshing the heart

Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester, unconditional love

English plain Jane Eyre is played by Australian actor Mia Wasikowska. Jane is an independent woman searching for love in a house haunted by secrets. This movie starts soon in Australia (March 11) and as a follow on from the popular series of TV shows and movies made from Jane Austen’s novels, this all new version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brone is very timely.

Contemporary cultural comments, which we call Conversations, are posted regularly and these can be accessed from our Home Page.

Book’ em Danno…Hawaii Five 0, is about large scale crimes in a beautiful locale and started recently on Network Ten. Looks like it may be set for another long run like the original.

Carolyn - Photograph by Antoine matarasso

There has been a great deal happening in the past month so for all the stories posted please download the PDF’s of our Muse News for March.

The Culture Concept Circle – Muse~News March 2011.

The Culture Concept Circle – Muse~News March 2011 XTRA

Just like Lord Byron was a nineteenth century Rock Star Poet of his generation Professor Brian Cox OBE (1968- ) is a Rock Star Physicist of ours and a master of the ancient Greek aesthetic concept of the sublime, as opposed to the picturesque*.

Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs are about to infiltrate your world in a big way. Their catchy blend of pop have seen them become hometown favourites as well as a spot at this years Woodford Folk Festival, Falls Festival, Speigeltent, Brisbane Festival and successful tours down south, they have been winning hearts everywhere. They have just announced the release of their debut album The Simple Joys of Maidenhood to be launched on 16th April @ Beetle Bar, Roma Street Brisbane City.

Our wish at the The Culture Concept Circle is that we are doing our bit to contribute to a sustainable and creative society.  We hope you enjoy the articles we post and invite you also to watch the mini documentaries we produce as FREE on line videos. on our You Tube channel.

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