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Carolyn McDowall, photograph Antoine Matarasso

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The power of words were very much in my thoughts this morning with the announcement in the New York Times yesterday (October 31) of the death of that great American wordsmith Theodore C Sorensen, who had stood so powerfully at the right hand of John F Kennedy throughout his political career. If ever there were words to inspire those that they crafted together must stand as some of the greatest of all time.

Then there is Firth at Fifty, speaking the King’s English a great film to look forward to coming over the Christmas season. I do hope that you also have some fun and see RED – Respectable, Eccentric and (delightfully) Delicious.

A week or so ago there was an item in the newspaper that Brisbane readers may like to catch up with. It seems the arts mandarins in Melbourne are worried that Brisbane is surging ahead. It was quite a Cultural Conundrum – Melbourne vs Brisbane, the new Black!

The work that GetUp are doing for environmental issues in Australia is really important so I hope that you will accept my invitation to sign the Forests Charter.

When you are dining out from now until Christmas with your workmates, colleagues, friends and family be sure to make your choice from the STREETSMART LIST OF RESTAURANTS. Adam Robinson and his team are doing so much for the homeless they deserve all our support.  By adding a gold coin to your bill at the end of your meal you can make a difference. And, if your favourite restaurant is not on the list please encourage them to join up. http://www.streetsmartaustralia.org/

I have been enjoying writing about the period relating to Revolutionaries and Romantics. There is two posts on the blog one about rock star poet Lord Byron and the other about attaining connubial bliss, or harmony before marriage that I hope you may enjoy.

The Pinchgut Opera – performance of Orpheus+Eurydice in December at Sydney promises to be special. Its my birthday treat for this year. Australian born Internationally acclaimed singers, tenor Andrew Goodwin and superb soprano Elena Xanthoudakis, will ensure it is a special experience and I thank my sons and my daughter in law for enabling it.

There has been a great many posts added to the website during October and it will be the same during November so that there is a lot of holiday reading, or viewing on our You Tube Channel over Christmas, for you to catch up on.

Our subscribers and readers are growing steadily and I send my thanks for your support.

Only 53 days until Christmas…yeeks, where did the year go?

Cheers, Carolyn

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