Editorial – Muse News October 2010

Hello, my name is Carolyn McDowall and I would like to welcome you to the October edition of Muse~News the newsletter of The Culture Concept Circle (The Circle).

We hope this issue demonstrates our purpose well and that Muse~News will become of increasing value and interest to our readers. Our main aim is to provide a variety of opportunities and methods for supporters and subscribers to receive excellent information and access it easily.

You can read the articles we post or watch our all new mini style scenarios, which are produced as on line videos. If you enjoy visiting our site and the flexibility of the subjects covered we would appreciate your interaction. We are on facebook, you tube and twitter so there is plenty of places to post your thoughts and perhaps let us know about subjects you would like us to address.

In our new short, but succinct What is Series, we attempt to cover a wide variety of topics in art, design and style from antiquity until today.

What Is Classical Architecture more than a column? is self explanatory and What is Palladian Style is all about an architectural style inspired by the architect of the famous Villas of the Veneto, Andrea Palladio.  What Is A ‘compleat’ Gentleman, more than a leader of style? is the first of two such articles. The second will be published next month.

What is Love Jewellery, more than a girl’s best friend and What Is: Art Deco have been very well received.

Weekly Conversations express my thoughts on a wide ranging area of subjects, which are inspired by a notification of an event, a conversation with my family, friends or colleagues, a noteworthy news article, a work of art experienced, music listened to or, a movie or tv program viewed and so forth.

You may care to read about author Conan Doyle’s marvelous character Sherlock Holmes, who has been brought into contemporary times in an outstanding three part series coming to Channel nine on Sunday and Monday night October 17 and 18. There are two articles. Sherlock: Shrewd Sexy and New Age and Sherlock: Moriarty and More – The Game Continues

Then there is thoughts inspired by viewing a video of the opposer to an important debate in England with actor, writer, presenter all around genius Stephen Fry about Discovering-moral-truth-in-the-world-past-present-and-future

Apollo, the God of man and music with his lyre in the gardens at the Chateau at Versailles, France

Music is such an integral aspect of all our lives and I have been often asked about why classical music has endured. It is to do with architecture, mathematics and nature and has involved some key historical figures. We hope you enjoy Music, Humankind and Nature – Alleluia Apollo, Vitruvius, Palladio, Mozart and Jenkins.

Staying with the musical scene the Sydney based outstanding Pinchgut Opera has an amazing soprano singing in their annual opera offering. Be sure you catch Elena Xanthoudakis as Eurydice – returning to the light for the Pinchgut Opera at Sydney in December

There are a great many topics you can choose from this month in Muse~News. Read well.

All best, Carolyn

Carolyn McDowall
Editor, Muse News
Creative Co-ordinator

Muse~News October 2010,

Photograph Credit Carolyn McDowall: Antoine Matarasso

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