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It’s hard not to know that it is July here at Melbourne. Basically it’s freezing most days. My daily walk has now become a battle against the natural elements to achieve, in a city whose many deciduous trees are standing stark against a mostly overcast weak grey-blue sky, on whose background fleeing clouds race quickly towards the horizon. Its too cold to be out at sunset when the starkness of the trees can look like incredible sculpture against the rich colours of the coming night sky. Have to be satisfied to view it from our balcony window. It is definitely two sock, two scarves, beanie and rug-up padded jacket weather, as well as comfort food time. Hot soup with warm crusty bread for lunch goes down a treat on days like today, when just getting out for my walk each day becomes a challenge. Writing gives you an opportunity to lose yourself entirely, and sometimes it is a perfect excuse not to go. The hours go by so quickly as I get down to it, unless the sun comes out brightly, like it did finally today, stirring me from my chair.

In the glorious Botanical gardens the numerous visitors today were all rugged up against the briskness of an unfailing breeze, while the swans and ducks on the lake seemed to be swarming together to reduce the chill factor. The gardens is a busy place in winter, as big maintenance projects get underway so that they can be ready for the spring flowering. The Wetlands project improving the quality of the water in the lake system, which has been in place for a century, is well underway and there are men and trucks everywhere.

The peaceful place to walk is through Fern gully, which is always lush and green and past the Palm Lawn, where you can imagine you are in the tropics with the numerous exotics. The lovely Japonica camellias are coming into bloom, providing the only colour among the dense foliage around them. Some bushes are covered in flowers, while others are still budding. I came across a rare variegated variety, which was quite delightful with bounteous blooms and buds.

It was easy to keep up the pace of my pop ‘walking music’ on my iPhone so that the time and distance raced by. What a great invention. Thank you Steve Jobs.

My warm thanks to Features Editor Asia Sheena Burnell and Fashion Editor Jo Bayley for their continuing support, which is much appreciated. Jo’s Fashion Elixir – House of Snowball and Shoe stories will be sure to attract attention, as will Sheena’s Shanghai Scenes – Three Colours Red, a report on the growth of the wine industry in China.

Must say I was quite blown away myself reading this captivating tale, that Sheena weaves so well, as I published it. I imagine growers cannot plant vines fast enough to cater for the increasing demand.

This month Elizabeth Murray from California was a very welcome guest author. We all send our heartfelt thanks to her for a wonderful article about Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny. She’s currently enjoying great success with her photographic exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens during the Monet’s Garden show. Must say I wish I was in New York for the ‘Water Lily Concerts’.

Napoleon: Revolution to Empire brightening up the side of the NGV, where he is the subject of the winter masterpiece exhibition 2012

The Culture Concept Circle – Muse~News Arts & Culture Bumper Edition July 2012 is full of stories, which focus on the growth of arts and cultural concerns. With fabulous events and great exhibitions happening globally during the winter season here down under, and during the summer season in the northern hemisphere, there has been much to report. For Australian’s this is a great time of year to spend in the warmth of the local or national galleries and museums, with much to see and do.

I will not mention any by name, but simply say if you download this issue of Muse~News, and indeed any other previous issues off the home page of our website, you can find out about some of them, if you don’t already know.

Happy reading and do keep warm and safe.

Until August, all best, Carolyn

Carolyn McDowall Editor Muse~News

Collins Street, Melbourne - Winter by Joanne Piechota

PS: Meant to say: – do watch out for our short story about a charming new movie coming soon called Robot and Frank, which will appear on our Home Page on July 5 and 6 and will be filed under entertainment/movies.

A winner at the Sundance Festival this year I can’t wait to see it myself as it features two of my fave actors, Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon with a cute hunk of metal named, Robot. He is voiced by Peter Saarsgard, whose performance in An Education, which also premiered at Sundance in 2009, was very powerful.  For a young man his list of awards, and nominations for awards to date, are indeed impressive.


Muse~News Editorial, The Culture Concept Circle 2012.

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