Elizabeth Murray Green Heart Series – California Here I Come

When I viewed the great list of upcoming events and workshops wonderfully talented artist and full bloomer Elizabeth Murray of Monterey is offering during the second half of this year in Monterey CA., I could not help but want to sing that great song, California Here I Come

Famously performed by legendary American based heart and soul singer All Jolson (1886-1950), perhaps Elizabeth had better make it her international theme song.

For a local song she could use Ava Maria, either the classic by Franz Schubert, or the contemporary version by Beyoncé.

It is after all the name of the road she lives on in a divine heritage artist’s cottage with her stunning garden …goodness Elizabeth, what fun.

Elizabeth Murray’s photographic record of the legendary garden of Impressionist artist Claude Monet at Giverny in France, which she has recorded over the last 25+ years, is renowned internationally. Elizabeth has not only a ‘green heart’ but also a ‘green thumb’ and her life is filled with glorious flowers from the garden and farmer’s market.

She believes flowers are an exuberant expression of beauty and delight and will ‘awaken your imagination, and nurture your soul’.

She says, “ Flowers lift your spirit, inspire you to create and are an offering of love.

They are used for sacred rituals in most traditions on earth. A true gift from Nature” and she asks, “What is blooming with beauty and delight in your life right now?”

Well Elizabeth, it’s so cold and freezing here in Melbourne, Australia that it’s hard to think about being warm at all, without a hot bowl of soup or even something stronger!

This is the coldest winter we have had down under in a while.

So Elizabeth, you can perhaps understand why I feel like jumping on the plane immediately and coming to California to share both your knowledge and expertise.

Always seems at odds doesn’t it, you in California in the wonderful warmth of a sunshine filled day, hours behind us in Australia where snow, ice and hail are part of our winter make up.

This year winter in Melbourne is definitely a time of hibernation, or attending movies, events and gallery tours taking place indoors!

Elizabeth Murray has written a number of books and her Living Life in Full Bloom is all about inspiring others to connect with what has ‘heart and meaning for them’.

She’s a popular keynote speaker and has been involved in landmark exhibitions, including the Monet Garden Show Winter 2012 – 2013 at the New York Botanical Gardens.

If you and your family or friends are planning a trip to the west coast of the U.S.A., you may like to attend one of her stunning presentations.

There are Life Mapping or iPhone Photography workshops or otherwise you can attend one of the events she is involved with listed on the calendar of Elizabeth Murray’s Green Heart Series

She will be presenting soon at a ‘Mindfulness Camp in Portland Oregon, as well as talking about Monet’s Garden at Giverny at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you really like to plan ahead, there is a Life in Full Bloom overnight weekend retreat in Burlingame, CA in May 2015.

Elizabeth also offers customised classes for interested groups at home in her garden, gaining great reviews.

Elizabeth studied with three National Geographic photographers, all of who think of an iPhone as their most creative toy.

The iPhone workshops Elizabeth offers are about helping you to know how to be ‘extremely creative and innovative, while both playful and fun.

Together, you will find images in nature, architecture and still life’s to manipulate for your enjoyment.

If you bring your own iPhone or iPad you can download some of Elizabeth’s favourite apps and begin to create.

Apart from what is on her current Calendar List (see below) artist, author, gardener, photographer and motivational speaker Elizabeth Murray is also planning more events including Writing from Your Life, Storytelling, Painting for pleasure, and How to Write Your Life story!

Her customized workshops are offered to groups of five or more at the cottage or off-site and usually run from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

As it says on her website “My programs are always a combination of discovery, delight and expansion… and delicious local food awakens the senses along with beautiful surroundings, seasonal flower bouquets, and taking time to appreciate the beauty around you”.

No wonder Elizabeth Murray is ‘popular for corporation spousal events, as well as retreats for friends, mother and daughters, and all who seek to expand their creativity in a nourishing playful setting’.

Can Can dancers get ready …California here I come…!

Elizabeth Murray’s Green Heart Series

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NB: All Images courtesy Elizabeth Murray, CA.

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