Faberge A Life Of Its Own – Bedazzled on the Big Screen

Faberge A Life Of Its Own – Bedazzled on the Big Screen

Faberge-Pearl-EggTalented artisan, jeweller and visionary Carl Fabergé (1846 – 1920) produced some of the most unique objets de luxe in history. Nominated ‘Goldsmith by special appointment to the Russian Imperial Crown” in 1885, Fabergé gave style and vigour to the final interpretation of an ancient theme inspired by works of unprecedented beauty in the Hermitage Museum. Many of his works are now in royal collections.

Emerald Necklace 1000At the movies in a very special cinema event in Australia Fabergé A Life of Its Own you can now be bedazzled on the big screen by Fabergé‘s unique works of art. Discover the story behind one of the most prestigious names in the history of design and craftsmanship from August 15 at a cinema near you. Czar Alexander of Russia declared he was ‘the re-inventor of Russian jewelry art,” and became his biggest supporter and best customer.

Gilded Egg FabergePresented to an international audience for the first time, distributed by Arts Alliance who present exciting, multi-dimensional content across all genres in the performance and visual arts, this is an opportunity to get up close and personal with Faberge, as his works take on a life of their own.

View some very special Fabergé works since returned to the secrecy of ‘very private collections’.

Faberge 5Directed by Partrick Mark, Fabergé A Life of Its Own helps you discover the genius behind perhaps the finest objects in design and art history ever created through insights given by international experts and interviews and the descendants of the Fabergé family, who helped give access to his unique gems.

The movie focuses on the rise to prominence and success of the business globally as a result of this patronage and its connections to all the noble houses of Europe and England.

In every age art forms, good models give birth to ideas by exciting the imagination. Enjoy exclusive access to two historic new pieces – the first new creation in almost 100 years, and a recently re-discovered lost treasure.

Fabergé, A Life of Its Own is presented on limited release in Australia Book Tickets  Watch the Trailer 


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