Fashion – The Armour of Everyday Life?

Is fashion the armour that will help us to survive the reality of everyday life?

Little black dress

Why is it that a little black dress can make us feel like Joan of Arc, ready to slay dragons, human or otherwise?

We have all been on a first date and spent hours deciding on the ultimate look. If we are honest it’s half the fun, and even if the night was a disaster, it was a great excuse for a new pair of Manolo’s, Choo’s or Louboutins.

Escape is something we all love. Think about how much time we spend on putting together the perfect holiday wardrobe, depending on climate and location.

Engagement party and wedding, more hours spent poring over fashion magazines and leaving reality behind.

Do we choose Vera Wang, Alex Perry or Johanna Johnson?

A perfect heel can lead us out the door and, a slash of red in the perfect shade, can get us all through a dreaded day.

First, second, third dates, and then meet the parents. Is it breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Will a gorgeous blazer, perfectly cut pants and, a great pair of ballet flats impress a potential future mother-in-law?

After all she is a woman too and has spent years perfecting her own armour.

Many years of the good, bad and sometimes downright ugly fashion can be our only saving grace.

Recently Alber Elbaz (1961- ), head designer at Lanvin was quoted as saying “for a long time I have wondered what it is I bring to women… and then one day I got an SMS from a friend”. She said “I am in the back of a taxi, going to the court. I’m going to face my asshole husband in a divorce case. I am wearing Lanvin and feel so protected.”

Apparently this was one of the greatest compliments Elbaz felt he had ever had. He observed, “If a dress I had made, weighing around 150 grams could protect a woman against such a threat, then I have succeeded.”

If that doesn’t say armour, then I don’t know what does!

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