For Your Eyes Only – Sunglasses Say it All

What creates an ultimate cool factor?

How can a personality be summed up in fashion? Sunglasses are the key. Shape, colour, lenses, bling, no bling say a lot about one’s personality.

Here in the southern hemisphere they are pivotal to the safe sun message, and not just a fashion statement.

Sunglasses can change an entire look. Are you feeling classic, like a rockstar, or maybe sporty?

You can portray in an instant your inner Audrey Hepburn, Jim Morrison or Cadel Evans with a clever choice of frames.

Sunnies, as we like to call them in Australia, are widely available. Even kids and dogs get a look in these days (pardon the pun).

The most important thing, fashion wise, when purchasing a pair, is face shape followed by colouring. Then practically, choose a great lens.

Ask yourself, what function will they serve? Strictly for looks, or do you need more?

My husband, who is a pilot, does not want polarised lenses.

This is because they interfere with aircraft visibility, very important at 10,000 feet!

He also cycles, so a wrap around style is necessary.

Sportspeople have to be careful of flying debris, so this shape is great for protection.

Usually made from light weight material, this is a must for the comfort factor.

Now while his sunglasses are practical, mine are all about style.

I have put in an order for the new Miu Miu’s, modern with a retro twist.

Right now I am sporting classic aviators.

Light weight and easy to wear, these suit most faces.

Just be careful with the length of the frame.

If you have a long face choose a pair with a bit more width to balance you out.

As with hairstyles, it’s all about creating the perfect oval.

Musicians have relied on sunglasses since the phrase “rockstar” was coined.

Whether to be incognito, hide a post gig hangover or just annoy journalists at press conferences, they are definitely the go to item.

The epitome of cool.

Think Bono in his signature “Blinde” wraparounds, John Lennon’s round spectacles, or Debbie Harry in Ray Bans.

Then there are the Velvet Underground and The Ramones. All to cool for school. Their choices sparking instant trends.

Movie characters have relied on eyewear too. In the “Skyfall”, the latest James Bond Daniel Craig rocks a pair of Tom Ford “Marko TF 144″, and looks amazing. Craig is known for wearing Tom Ford sunglasses on set as well as off-screen.

Sarah Jessica Parker made a stunning entrance in Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm “Franz” gold aviators and a vintage Halston dress, fantastic! And could we forget the ethereal Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, in her cats eye frames? Too divine.

When purchasing, always make sure they feel comfortable on the bridge of the nose.

Check the weight, could you wear them all day?

Are they purely for protection? The cancer council has something for everyone, at the right price.

Generally, better the lens, the higher the price, but sometimes it just hinges on the designer. Always store them in their case when not in use. Also try not to wear them on top of your head, this can stretch the arms.

Tortoise shell, black, coloured, bling or super simple, it is impossible not to find the perfect pair.

Depending on my mood, I’ll swing towards big black Jackie O numbers, or maybe reflector aviators.

There is something instantly glamorous about a sexy pair of shades. So this summer, who do you want to be? Anything is possible.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor
The Culture Concept Circle 2012

PS: In 1971 Australia introduced the world’s first national standards for sunglasses, for conditions and requirements considered specific to our climate. If you are not sure of what lenses to purchase always consult a qualified optician.

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