Gentlemen Please – Perfect Fit, Perfect Style – Part 2

In Part 2 of perfect fit, perfect style, I will offer more tips on the essentials of the male wardrobe.

This guide is all about building the basics, then every season you can add a special new piece.

Just like building a house, get the foundations right and the rest will follow.

It is a great idea to work out a budget before any shopping trip, even better, break this down before hitting the stores.

For example, if your budget is $1000, your list might go something like this; Shoes $400, Jacket $ 200, Shirts $200, Pants $200 Total $1000

You’ll notice the main portion I have allocated is for shoes. As I said last week, shoes are an investment, and not the place to get creative.

So unless you’re Kanye West, you might want to think twice about white crocodile cowboy boots!

Buy a classic pair, and with care, you will have them for decades.

You may not need to spend the whole $400 on shoes, so just re allocate it into the the rest of the break down.

It also helps to shop in the sales. There are some amazing bargains to be found, just be patient and keep your eyes open.

Your following budget may all go on a suit.

Once again, buy classic and the best fabric you can afford. If you can stretch to tailor made, even better.

My suggestion is if you only have one suit, make it navy.

It is more versatile than black as it can be paired with brown or black accessories. And, on any pants, pleats add weight, so give them a miss.

Once you are set with the foundation pieces, it’s time to add items that are more seasonal and on trend.

First, a separate sports coat.

This is the perfect partner for jeans. Make it a different colour to your suit, for more variety.

The perfect fit jeans. I would suggest, once you find a brand that fits your physique like a glove, invest in a few pairs.

Different denim washes create different looks, for example a very dark ink denim has a more polished look in comparison to a light vintage wash.

Remember denim stretches, so if they feel a little snug at first, they will give.

That being said, do make sure they are comfortable around the waist.

If you will be wearing them to work, try sitting in them, you don’t want a waistband that cuts into you.

The length can be a personal choice, at least one break at the base of the leg.

This refers to the crease near the ankle of the jean.

If sitting with a crossed leg, it is fine to see a touch of sock, but not the calf.

Pure lambswool or cashmere sweaters are divine.

Expensive, yes, but you’ll never look back, and everyone will want to touch you!

A selection of casual shirts, always long sleeved, are the prime accompaniment, with at least 2 classic white dress shirts in different weight fabric or weave.

Keep an eye on collars and cuffs, if they start to look tired and frayed, it’s time to replace them.

T-shirts, a mix of black, crisp white, and cool prints add to the weekend wardrobe. Fit is important for these too!

Clothes make the man, and accessories make him fabulous!

So true, these little gems are like the icing on the cake.

That chocolate mud cake is so scrumptious with a touch of sexy ganache icing?

3 belts, one black, one brown and one casual.

Try and find something vintage, it’s a little more individual.

2 scarves, a classic grey, black or navy and a wild card colour that shows off your eyes.

Depending on your taste, hats are great too.

Practical and on trend, the beanie has been a go to item on and off, for at least a decade.

A stylish bag is a must. You can’t go wrong with a leather satchel style.

Sunglasses and a fabulous watch are the last must haves. Again, invest in good quality classics and you are set.

Cufflinks are oh so chic, and don’t have to be expensive.

So gentlemen please, there is no excuse not to have a super stylish wardrobe.

It may take time, but it is well worth the effort.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle.

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