Give the Gift of Good Cheer, Sweet Words & Love at Christmas


Merry Christmas tree greeting card. Paper designCelebrate the festive season by giving the gift of good cheer, sweet words and love. Be thankful to your host and resolve to both praise and enjoy life. We send all best wishes to friends, fans and followers. The message of Christmas is all about,  caring, courage, compassion and love

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Melbourne Summer 1It is Summer here in Australia and our writers are taking some time out with family and friends for rest, recreation and refreshment, which is the key to good health for the year ahead. We will be back on deck after Epiphany.

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Ho, Ho, Ho!

XmasSculpture – Art at the Pinnacle of What is Possible
Franklin & Jefferson – Founding The Architecture of Freedom
Andy Warhol Pop Art Prince – King of People’s Perceptions
Art Deco – A Revolution of Design & Style for the Modern Age
Maison Cartier – Timeless Design and Unmatched Craftsmanship
Tartan, Plaid, Kilts, Clans and Customs – Scotland the Brave
Classical Architecture – At the Meeting of Human and Divine
Extravagant Inventions – The Roentgen Family Cabinetmakers
Tiara to the Aigrette – Hair Ornament, Halo or ‘Cock’s Comb’
Impressionism & Modernism – Fashionable Life, Paris 1860-80
Art of Portraiture – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Society and Culture – Codes of Behaviour and Manners Matter
Giuseppe Castiglione – Painter @ Court of 3 Chinese Emperors
Adam in Georgian London – Investing in the Future of Style
Italian Villas & Gardens – The Fatal Gift of Beauty & Water

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