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Adam Robinson, and the sensational team he leads at StreetSmart Australia, who are operating in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, SA, WA and the ACT, has announced that they have recently burst through the $2 million dollar barrier, in their endeavours to help those experiencing homelessness. Patron Tim Costello stated “I congratulate everyone involved in StreetSmart Australia. To have raised and distributed $2million is a great achievement and the impact for people who are homeless, or at risk should not be underestimated.” When you consider that all of these funds have been raised by micro donations of $2, supplied by supporters since they started in 2003, its not only a mighty effort, but also a powerful statement about obtaining grass root support for social profit organizations.

The extraordinary fact is that 100 per cent of donations, which are raised from the public, are distributed in the form of grants. Counselling for those who find themselves without a home is vital, as is emergency aid and other critical specialist services. Streetsmart funding helps to change lives.

At Melbourne on Friday August 10th 2012, the StreetSmart Australia, initiative CafeSmart will bring together coffee roasters, cafes and coffee drinkers around the country to help people who are homeless. Adam and his volunteers will be manning a stand at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (M.I.C.E.) from the 4th – 6th May. They hope to talk one on one with hundreds of people.

This is an up-close-and-meaningful way for cafés and customers to connect with their local community and to help people for whom a latte is a luxury. “This initiative is direct and close to home…it will have a real impact on people’s lives.”  said Sarah Wilson, journalist, TV presenter and StreetSmart Ambassador. The best creative talents and social enterprises are often the ones that manage to engage more commercial minds with their work and use this to improve the outcome. If people are able to help its easy to contact StreetSmart Australia online, or on the phone 03 9836 1887 or by emailing [email protected]

For all those unfamiliar with the work of StreetSmart Australia, they support critical services and emergency aid, as well as fund projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for people who are homeless. They provide funding to groups offering advocacy and advice, as well as practical help on the ground to help to improve the lives of others by seeking assistance from specialist agencies, who have a range of services to offer.

It always scares me when I hear people say the homeless choose to be that way. No one chooses to be homeless. However often people who are cut off from family and friends find that the only help often available is from people sharing the same predicament. So suprisingly they find a home a way from home, if that makes sense. If this happens what it does though is make it even harder for the individual to leave that homeless community behind to start out alone again on another new path. It takes a huge amount of effort, willpower and lots of help with counselling and other services to just to help them get themselves back to square one, before they can start moving forward again. They need all our help right now.

For social action to become a truly mass-phenomenon it would be wonderful to see more people become involved – and if those who are can encourage people, who currently give only sporadically, or not at all, to join the band of committed individuals who regularly give their time and money to social causes, just think what we could achieve.

StreetSmart Australia, provide a unique bridge between the community and the smaller, ‘hard to reach’ agencies whose initiatives assist people experiencing homelessness, or those at risk. Adam also announced that the DineSmart event held in late 2011 allowed this, the vibrant organization he leads, to be able to fund 91 projects in local communities, taking their tally to 491 projects since 2003. He remarked ‘we were also stoked to be nominated for a recent National Award’ and ‘hold a sold out Front of House All Stars Dinner at Cutler and Co’, Melbourne.

During these times of austerity when so many people are doing it tough, philanthropic donations and volunteers have become the lifeblood of organisations working for social profit.  People on the frontline of helping those experiencing homelessness realize that the need to especially help young people, who find themselves in this terrifying situation, is very urgent. Encouraging social action, people giving what they have, be that their time, their money, or their assets, knowledge and skills, to support good causes ultimately will help make life better for all.

Adam Robinson, CEO StreetSmart Australia

Giving is rarely a one-way street. Behavioural experiments have shown that although people often expect that spending a given sum of money on themselves will make them happier than spending on others, in fact the reverse is true. Spending money on others, including charities, makes us happier than spending on ourselves; we get something back – the ‘warm glow’ that comes from giving.

Giving time can make us feel good about ourselves too, while at the same time enhancing other aspects of life: socially, for instance, as a way of making new friends and building ties in your community; and professionally as a means to learn new skills.


All participating cafes will generously donate $1.00 per cup of coffee sold to fund local projects.

If people are able to help its easy to contact StreetSmart Australia online, or on the phone  03 9836 1887 or by emailing [email protected]

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