Gordon Undy Contemplative Photographs – Point Light Gallery

Recently I visited Point Light, a small intimate Art Gallery located in the vibrant and culturally diverse precinct of Surry Hills in Sydney. It is definitely “a place to inspire, create, enjoy and acquire fine photographs in silver, platinum and other traditional media.” The current exhibition of works by Gordon Undy is presented in association with the 2014 Head On Photo Festival and these images below are courtesy artist and the Point Light Gallery.

Undy’s Australian photographs date from 2008 to 2014 and show land and seascapes and this image is a detail of his work entitled Tinaroo, Queensland, 2008. The exquisite detail of ferns; grasses and shadows make for rewarding viewing because the scene is almost a tactile experience.

Gordon Undy’s photograph of the Lodden River is awe-inspiring as it feels like the brush strokes of texture and line are individually applied. However this is a photograph not a painting and it reflects Gordon’s technical expertise, lucid vision and patient observation. In another photograph Cave and Shadows, Gordon skillfully created the allusion of two scenes through capturing the shadow of the tree. The ambiguity is contemplative for the viewer.

The photographs Undy is displaying at Point Light, like this image of a horse reflected in water, reflects his own depth of knowledge about the power of light and shade and his fascination with the natural world. This combination certainly touched my senses and excited me intellectually.

Gordon has been photographing since he was 11 years of age it seems, using an old Ensign camera his father had used during World War II. With a career in Mathematics and the Computer Industry, it was in 1991 he decided to concentrate on photography and to develop his passion for the art form he loves and it shows.

The understated and serene atmosphere of the Point Light Gallery is a fitting abode for these beautiful photographs.

The good news is Undy launched a boxed set of reproductions to purchase – Contact Point Light Gallery.  I enthusiastically anticipate their next exhibition’ – Rose Niland, Guest Author



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