Happy New Year – Welcome 2012 as a Creative Year to Remember

Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth *

We have as humans plundered the earth, explored the heavens, sailed the seven seas and scaled many high mountains. While in reality we have not leaped tall buildings in a single bound, we have at least built them. Currently the world is changing. We are leaving behind the last vestiges of an often stifling and stuffy bureaucratic industrial age, as we met morph rapidly into a progressive, creative and vibrant age, one enabled by technology, emboldened by innovation and maturing by fault. Around the world an all-new ‘creative class’ are helping transform countries, cities, communities, economies and societies. The people involved think outside the square. They won’t be confined to the boxes a bureaucratic system would try to put them in. During the last decade they have driven a great impetus for change providing, through global communication, an ability for anyone to action powerful ideas and to make them real. Creativity is all about surprise and challenge, it involves wit and irreverence, talent and truth. It is about creating chaos to achieve order and as such, needs to be both daring and motivating.

Our world and its various civilizations and cultures was founded on creative ideas brought brilliantly to reality. They have changed the course of history, challenged the way we think and dictated the way people have engaged with, entertained and encouraged others. They have also empowered our dreams and driven the destinies of those who dared to believe dreams would, and could come true. An idea is all about energizing others to act. It needs a believable philosophy, a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs at its foundation, if it is going to have a chance of working.

We already have a history of artistic achievement second to none; in architecture, music, gardens painting, sculpture, literature, poetry and prose. We have landed a man on the moon and built great towering structures that defy gravity and the laws of nature. Our industrial, scientific, medical and technological achievements, especially in the last fifty-year period are indeed significant. Each accomplishment has been an idea brought to fruition so that many may benefit. It’s not just about clever technology, which makes a difference, but active vibrant people who can use it to create change that will = social profit, the way of the future.

Here in Australia we have a great place in which to grow our ideas as we learn how to value our relationships, whether professional or personal. Technological innovation can be a friend or foe, dependent on our attitude towards it. Rather than seeing it as challenging we should think of it as providing an opportunity to grow and change and embrace it wholeheartedly. For those in business they must never forget the business they are in. An example given by creative guru John Hegarty is that if the makers of horse drawn cabs had thought of themselves as being in the transport service industry then they would have ditched horses and attached an engine to their cabs when it was invented. But they persistently saw themselves as only being in the horse and cab business and so it was easy for Mr Benz to put them all out of business.

It is time to engage with new ideas because the times, well ‘they are a changin’.

Happy New Year and Welcome 2012

Carolyn McDowall, Writer in Residence, The Culture Concept Circle 2011

*Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister of England 1979 – 1990

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