Here Comes The Bride – A Guide For The Perfect Dress

“If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”

Beyonce’ told all those single ladies what needed to happen, and the smart boys listened! So what comes next?

In most cases, if the ring has already been chosen, then it’ most certainly the dress!

I think most women have an image in their mind of what their perfect wedding dress would be, many from a very young age.

For some it’s the fairytale meringue, others it’s sleek and sophisticated, while a few dream of wearing their own mothers gown.

Whatever your style, it’s a day that will not be forgotten, so take your time and get it right!

I would advise to go through many magazines, a tear out silhouettes that grab your attention.

These do not have to be wedding gowns, just a reference point to start from, you many love the top half of one frock and the bottom of another.

This just helps open up the imagination.

Pinterest is a fabulous tool.

Used in the same way as a mood board or tear sheets.

It is easily viewed on a smart phone, iPad or laptop, so can be used while shopping.

I like different boards for each aspect of the big day.

One for the dress, shoes and accessories, one for hair and makeup, one for venue decoration, you get the idea.

It’s also great for hair and makeup artists to interpret the look you are aiming for.

There is nothing like being on the same page visually, for any occasion. Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for wedding ideas.

When you go shopping, try on lots of different styles, you may find the dress you never thought would suit you, transforms you into the perfect princess for a day.

Even if you do go back to the original gown you tried on and loved (I did), you will be content in the knowledge that it is the consummate choice for you.

Also, you do not need a cast of thousands for this decision.

A close relative be it Mum, Dad, Aunt or Godmother and a close friend who’s opinion you value and trust, are the ideal shopping pals!

Do not be pressured into making a decision on the spot.

Most bridal boutiques really know their product, but can be a little forward.

If you need time, take it.

A wedding dress is a major investment for one day, don’t be intimidated by pushy sales staff!

Small details are a sentimental touch.

We were married on the 17th, so I asked for 17 buttons to fasten the back of my dress, I also added a piece of lace from my mothers frock.

These were personal to me and made my dress even more special.

The imagination goes directly to the classic, full length white wedding gown, but feel free to think outside the box.

Usually the dress dictates the theme of the festivities.

Are you formal, bohemian or casual?

With the average spend on a dress, I would hazard a guess, for the big day being around AUD$3000, it’s a big decision.

What about a stunning Roland Mouret, Vivienne Westwood, or Lanvin  (above left) that can be worn again?

Is yours a second trip down the aisle?

Maybe an Armani suit would be a faultless choice.

Do you have a favourite designer, why not go and check out what is on offer from their range.

Why, just recently actor Keira Knightley wed her beau wearing a Chanel dress, jacket and ballet pumps.

All were pieces she already owned.

She looked divine and what really counts, is she looked happy! Always remember, the wedding does not make the marriage!

So whatever direction you decide to go in, stay true to your personal style.

The most important thing is that you feel and look like the best version of yourself on this heavenly day.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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