Hermes And Le Louvre – Ultimate Union Of Style

When the cultured house of Hermes announced it is creating it’s first pop up store, the fashion world listened.

To then discover it would be located within Melbourne’s famed “Le Louvre” boutique, it caused hearts of Australian fashionistas to flutter.

From the 2nd to the 14th of November, these two iconic brands will merge, and as a result, a limited edition scarf has been created.

And it all starts with a sketch.

Designed by Bali Barret, deputy artistic director of Hermes womens collection, she has drawn on the signature “Monsieur et Madame” scarf design as a base.

Then marrying the ocelot print, synonymous with “Le Louvre”, as a background, she has created a timeless classic, a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

The fabulous Miss Lillian Wightman, born in Ballarat, Victoria, was the founder of “Le Louvre”.

Curious, with a passion for fashion, this bright young woman moved to Melbourne, and in 1923 opened the doors, to what we could now deem a Melbourne institution.

In that year, ladies of society would famously “do the block”, a series of laneways between the city streets. This was the only way to shop!

Lillian chose the name, as it sounded French, and a touch naughty, maybe a little like her!

Decorating her couture capsule with ocelot, gilding and mirrors, the boutique was soon a hit, and a legend was born.

In the 1970’s, her daughter Georgina Weir introduced designers such as Largerfeld, YSL and Armani into the fold.

Finally Pret a Porter (ready to wear) was in reach, where it thrives today.

It has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of the chic and classic, to whom quality is paramount.

The myriad of designers stocked are enough to make a fashionista go into meltdown.

Givenchy, Lanvin, Balmain and Roland Mouret being a few of my personal faves.

Originally located in Howie Place, then moving to Collins Street in 1934, it now resides in Daly Street, South Yarra.

Housed in a gorgeous Palladian style building, the fusion between past and present is perfect.

Signature ocelot sits side by side with crocodile skin sofas and, graffiti art provides a modern street edge.

Upstairs is home to a private salon space, while downstairs can be enjoyed by all who wish to shop at this mecca of style.

90 years of championing couture and countless generations of women experiencing the fairytale world of designer threads makes for a legendary life.

So it seems fitting that Miss Wightman has been bestowed the great honour of having a Hermes silk scarf created as a homage to her. Available in 2 tones, there is a choice for every colour palette. The silk twill scarf measuring 90cm x 90cm is an enviable investment, and would be a joy to possess.

So if you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne, do take the trip and visit the pop up store.

If not, this little piece of fashion history is available at Hermes Melbourne boutique and

Hermes and Le Louvre at Melbourne, the ultimate union of style.

Jo Bayley Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle


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