Hope Springs Eternal

The Apostle Paul in Heb: 6:19 said about Hope ‘It is like an anchor for our lives…it enters in through the veil”. Hope with Faith and Charity was one of the three ‘theological virtues’. Hope may be depicted holding up a basket of flowers and fruit as in Renaissance painter Tiziano Vicellio (1485-1576), known as Titian’s work now in Berlin. She is reminding us of how spring offers renewal. Hope is a new beginning. Sometimes she must enter into a disguise or hide for a while to dispel those depths of emotion she has descended to brought on by Despair, her opposing vice. However Hope wants to help each and everyone of us to emerge strong and with purpose. She promotes the belief in a positive outcome. As Alexander Pope reminds us in his Essay on Man ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast, Man never is, but always to be blest’

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