I Feel Love – Luscious Lingerie For Valentines Day

Boyfriend giving his girlfriend a Valentine's present.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there will be chocolates and flowers in abundance.

What’s the gift that secretly I think all women love?

Well for me it’s something that lasts more than a few days. Welcome to the world of luscious lingerie!

In today’s market we are spoiled for choice, not only in design, but price range too.

No need to break the bank to feel like a queen!

The underworld of lingerie can divide opinion.

Do you go for comfort or for aesthetics?

Do you love colour or are you a monotone gal?

Cotton or lycra, silk or lace, what’s your secret style?

In my eyes, the most important aspect of underwear is fit.

As I have said many times, size is just a number on a tag that can be cut off.

Pink Lingerie

Collette Dinnigan, pink lingerie

It amazes me that women still try to squeeze into a smaller size just to read 8 on the tag instead of 10 or 12.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ladies when you’re looking smoking hot, do you think the object of your affection is interested in the tag?

No way baby, he or she is focused on your gorgeous self.

So lets talk about sizing and how to get it right.

The best thing I ever did was get properly fitted for a bra.

You might think you are a 14D when in fact you are a 12D.

Many women just grab what they have always thought was the right size, take it to the counter and it’s off home.

It’s not that simple.

When you get the perfect fit it can change the look of your whole figure.

Never underestimated the power of a faultless fit.

A general rule, if you can’t get your true size and have to go up, then go down a cup size e.g. 10D go to a 12C, you get the idea.

The strap should always be done ups on the first hook so as to allow for stretch.

Different brands can have slightly different cuts.

Also take into account the fabric used.


La Perla lace

Lace has a very different fit to lycra, as does silk and this should be taken into account.

As for briefs, sometimes it pays to go up a size if they feel a little snug, so as to not get the dreaded VPL.

What’s that I hear you ask? Well it’s something no woman wants, visible panty line.

This ruins the line of clothes and is not a good look.

Another bug bear of mine is the wrong choice of bra for the clothing being worn.

I hate to see the line of a gorgeous halter neck ruined bu a regular bra.


Dita von Teese selection

Ladies this is what a strapless bra is for.

We have so much choice in today’s market that there is no excuse for straps on display!

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, Agent Provocateur

A great design has the detachable strap option.

Four bra’s in one really. Strapless, regular, halter and crossover.

It’s the best investment you’ll make and if you find a good fit, buy two. One in black and another in flesh, oh so versatile.

Do you go for boy-leg, high cut, g-string, full brief or french knickers?

Quite often your outer wear will dictate your choice.

Gentlemen, when in doubt, just ask. Your lady won’t mind filling in the blanks for you.

Same for colour. If your partner has a favourite colour, chances are she will go for lingerie in the same hue.

Girls if you are choosing your own, it’s just like outerwear.

If you always get complimented when wearing hot pink or sky blue, then why not try that in underwear?

We all know the colours that flatter our skin tone, so stick within that same spectrum and you won’t go wrong.

Some women like to match their underwear with the colour of their clothes.

Personally I think this is a stylish choice. Just in case a strap decides to pop out it will blend in. and adds another layer to your look.

Don’t immediately rush for racy red, it’s not always a fave.

Quite honestly some women just think it’s such an obvious choice.

I think the most stylish combination is navy and black, like this Agent Provocateur set.

Just enough va va voom factor while keeping it classy!

We have so many fabulous labels, where to start?

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

Well, top of the market sees Agent Provocateur and La Perla, both absolutely stunning.

The silks and laces in their collections are seductive, as are their colour combinations.

Agent Provocateur have just collaborated with shoe maven Charlotte Olympia to create a divine capsule range with a Vargas girl feel.

The “spider web” lace pattern is lust worthy!

If you are feeling particularly erotic why not check out their “naughty collection”, guaranteed to get pulses racing.

And guys don’t just think bra and briefs, silk camisoles make luxurious outwear.

Teamed with denim and cashmere, its a potent combination.

Dita Von Teese Debuts New Collection In Melbourne

Dita Von Teese Debuts New Collection In Melbourne

Pleasure State and Dita Von Teese have fabulous designs at a around the $50 to $150AUD price point.

With Dita, think retro girl glamour. A little bit of leopard and black lace tick the box.

The retro look is so in right now, think bullet bras a la Betty Page, suspender belts, corsets and cheeky pasties!

Have a bit of fun for Valentines!

Wild Hearts

Collette Dinnigan, Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts by Collette Dinnigan at Target is a great choice if you are on a tighter budget.


La Perla, Mezzanotte set

Dinnigan started her career designing underwear and really knows her stuff.

The prints are lovely and the price is right, with briefs starting at $10AUD and pretty bras $20AUD you could buy more than one set!

As I mentioned before, it’s not just bra’s and knickers, think silky Teddy’s and sensual nightgowns, corsets, suspender belts and lace top stockings.

Let your imagination run wild, set the scene for your own private party.

So when it comes to February 14th, what will your style be?

Naughty or nice?

Red and racy, white and pure or all class in navy and black classic?

It’s the date to have a play, so why not be a bit cheeky.

Whatever your choice maybe, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, so really you can’t go wrong!

Seduce, and be seduced by the power of luxurious lingerie.

jo-bayley-ciao-170Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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