Ikke, You and I are Always in Fashion

Some boutiques, and their owners are just so special that everyone needs to know about them.

One at the top of my list is Ikke in Ernest Place, Crows Nest on Sydney’s North Shore.

Ikke is a bustling hive of activity and a family friendly haven.

Children grow at such a rapid rate, I can only imagine how much it costs to clothe them in the latest designer gear!

Sure generic brands are great for every day living, but what about something a little more special?

Still don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars, well this is the shop for you!

For years, adults have been able to recycle designer labels, now here’s the mini version!

Brainchild of the gorgeous Klarenbeek sisters, Sacha and Anouke, they decided to fill a hole in the market for both budget, and environmentally aware families.

Recycling was the way to go! Having 5 divine children between them, these ladies have first hand experience in knowing their market.

Ikke means “you” or “I” in Dutch, which is their background.

Moving to Australia with their parents at a young age, they have both always been incredibly creative.

I think this has a lot to do with Elsbeth, their lovely mother. She was fashion designer back in The Netherlands, educated in Amsterdam and trained by a Dutch couturier.

She is an amazing seamstress, so it’s definitely in the blood!

Their passion for all things craft can be seen in the fantastic workshops that are run from the Ikke boutique, for adults and kids alike.

In fact Elsbeth teaches the one on one sewing courses!

Along with another enthusiastic group of women, I was lucky enough to attend an embroidery session run by the truly talented Kristen Doran.

We had a fabulously fun afternoon “stitching and bitching”, with beautiful afternoon tea provided, even champagne was on offer!

I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing afternoons I have enjoyed in a long time.

Embroidery, like knitting reminds me of meditation, always in the now, concentrating on the task at hand.

The children’s days are special too, providing delightful learning skills for little fingers. I think these teach dexterity, concentration and patience, three important tools in everyday life.

My godchildren attended the “dreamcatcher” workshop, Kate being 7 and Angus 10.

They both enjoyed themselves immensely, proving that craft is not just for the fairer sex!

Ikke is great for online shopping.

With a wonderful range of stationary, bedding, home decor and children’s wear, there is an abundance to choose from.

Personally, I love the “Cardboard Safari” range.

Fabulous deer and bull heads to hang on the wall, with no animals harmed in the making!

Beautiful Jacob and Bonomi star blankets for little ones are winners too.

Children’s recycled clothes round out the collection.

Such a brilliant idea!

In a world where a designer party dress may be worn once before it no longer fits, this is the perfect solution.

Take along those pre loved items and the girls will sort through and choose what they will sell. You clear out much needed wardrobe space and make a little cash, and someone else gets to enjoy your past loves. How fabulous is that!

Just check out the Ikke website for terms and conditions.

So, when next in Sydney, why not visit Crows Nest and pop in and meet Anouke and Sacha.

They are passionate about what they do, “focusing on inspiring all ages to be creative and have their own unique style” .

This always makes for a special experience.

Ikke, where there is always something for You and I.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle 20113

PS Visiting Ikke,?

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Excludes Ikke, Online store.


Shop 6, Ernest Place
Cnr 57/78-80 Alexander Street
Crows Nest, Sydney
PHONE: +61 2 8096 5531

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