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Incinerator Art SpaceThe heritage-listed Walter Burley-Griffin designed building, which houses the Incinerator Art Space in Willoughby, Sydney offers the community a hub for showcasing exceptional, innovative and timely visual arts exhibitions and associated events.  Three trained architects exploring form and structure in different ways will showcase their works with an exhibition Intersections: The Art of Architects at the Incinerator Gallery 4 – 29th March, 2015.

Simon GrimesExploring architectural space using ceramics, sculpture and light the trio includes architect and model maker Simon Grimes who uses salvaged timber and metal to create his visions.  Simon believes his works “…blur the boundary between art and architecture, distilling complex designs into abstract maquettes, and discovering unexpected relationships between spaces. Some are rustic, some detailed, but a common theme is the simple expression of material, showing the grain of timber, or patination of metal to pick out individual elements of the designs.High school students and adults are invited to complete an architectural model making workshop with Simon; Bookings essential

81_Coca-Cola-Place_Photographer_Gerrit-Fokkema-5-Large_460Simon created a shadow sculpture of metal letters at Coca Cola Place (Formerly Ark) an award winning high rise in North Sydney completed in 2010, reuses original letters from the Telephone Exchange the building replaced. They act as a shadow play on the wall in the lobby, creating a talking point while allowing for the literal exploration of the site’s rich history. The building acts as a mediator between radically different scales of the North Sydney CBD and surrounding residential precincts.

Sarah FitzgeraldSarah Fitzgerald distorts perceptions with her re-imaging of topography, where land and buildings meld. She likes “…to make abstract paintings that draw on the language of architectural drawing. The large scale paintings and installations are an interpretation of a real place that exists, but the work is not a true representation or an accurate description. Rather it is a response to a specific site that has no discernible meaning; it comes from looking at the real and translating it into the imagined.

Sarah studied at the University of Sydney majoring in fine arts and psychology before studying architecture. Now majoring in painting at the National Art School, she is keen to pursue her interest in the history and theory of art particularly in relation to the notion of ‘place’ in contemporary society. Willoughby Council’s curator in a Free Artist and Curator Talk, will discuss with Sarah how she responded to the iconic Incinerator in her installation on Friday 20th March 1:15 to 2pm.

Natalie RosenInvestigating endless possibilities, a trained architect and ceramicist Natalie Rosen at a new show to be held in the Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby in Sydney during Art Month 2015. Natalie noted in her artist’s statement “By taking my practice in ceramics and selecting clay as a tool for design, I believe new architectural typologies regarding form can be found. When understanding clay’s limitations and working with these constraints, a playful and untold architecture is created. Bizarre, nonsensical spaces develop; maquettes of spatial ideas you can hold and feel in your hand”.

Natalie Workshop Image for Web

Natalie creates cityscapes from clay, moulding form and structure in an interesting array of buildings that are about exploring the boundaries of art and architecture. Model Cities for Kids is a workshops where children are asked to use their hands to model real and imagined places, spaces and environments with architect and artist Natalie Rosin. 11am to 1pm Sunday 22nd March 5 – 12 years Bookings Essential Space: Exploring Architecture for Kids is an excellent opportunity for kids 5 – 12 to learn from Sarah. Sunday 29th March 11am – 1pm Bookings Essential. Intersetions: The Art of Architects – 4th March – 29th March, 2015 – Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby NSW – Information and Bookings [email protected]

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