Intimate World of the Fashionable

What is fashion? Is it glamour, beauty and style? Or about managing finances and living like a socialite on a shoestring while trying to looking current and cutting edge when you are really wearing someone’s cast off’s from the latest vintage store in town. Are there rules about this sort of thing? And if so, why are we slaves to their dictates?  Where does style fit? For instance if we were having a conversation about France and the décor of the room our lady of fashion is leaving we would discover that after the Revolution society changed rapidly. Despite wrapping themselves in great warm and wonderfully exotic cashmere shawls, originally designed for Eastern men, many stylish ladies succumbed to cold and pneumonia, which was not really a good or elegant look at all. Financiers mingled with old nobles and intellectuals copying traditional decorating styles. They also brought advanced ideas into vogue in a milieu where women led the way in a refinement of taste. They had an awareness of good manners, a sense of appropriateness and sought the art of living well. At the Culture Concept Circle discover the intimate world of the fashionable from antiquity until today. Pleasure it is such a serious business. Join us and the world will never look quite the same again.

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