Introduction To Antiques – Appreciating our Heritage

‘Just as a palate can be educated to appreciate fine wine so too can both the eye and the ear be educated to distinguish the rare from the ordinary, the exquisite from the mundane’. An appreciation, the sensitive recognition of good qualities in design and art is only gained through learning the theory and practicing, which constantly challenges all accepted theories.

The use of antiques in traditional or modern settings will always be desirable; the lure of the past is strong. The very nature of their delightful idiosyncrasies is very appealing. The variety of choice available in lovely decorative pieces, such as the colour, warmth and mellowness of aged wood, the gentle softness of old gilding, the variety in exotic inlays and now extinct materials, all produced by craftsmen who refined their skills into an ‘art’ form is generally enough incentive. When all of these attributes are combined with the ‘thrill of the chase’ then, antiques are really quite irresistible.

There are many factors to consider when assessing a piece of antique furniture and why one piece of furniture can be very much more expensive than another, while often looking very similar. As a prospective purchaser or collector if you understand these differences, you can then decide your own path and establish just how pure you may wish your pieces to be.

These days its quite in order to choose something as wonderful as cut glass chandelier simply for it’s decorative qualities, enjoying the fact it has some age and charm and will not only light up but also grace just about any space it occupies be it modern, contemporary or traditional.

If, as a society we took the well regarded definition of the word antique literally then we would recognise and value anything that would prove valuable to society to conserve, whether for its intrinsic value or investment value and that could include something produced in the last ten years. It is very confusing for many people.

If you want to collect antiques or art you can start by Downloading Antiques an Introduction 2014 or, Watch our You Tube Video

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