Irish Céili Workshop & Concert @ Eudlo on St Patrick’s Day

Die your hair red and start practicing your high stepping, as well as your Celtic songs. You are invited to join into the fun and ‘high energy’ with Brisbane based ensemble Cello Dreaming and their guests, The Maleny Céili Band, on Sunday 18th March, 2012 at Eudlo in Queensland. You are never to young or to old to be part of a traditional Irish Céili Workshop, or to enjoy a concert of Celtic music performed by people for whom it is an all-abiding passion. A Céili, pronounced ‘kaylee’, is a term that describes a community gathering among Celtic peoples; the Irish the Scots, as well as other Gaelic speaking regions, to celebrate life.

In their early incarnation Céilidah’s were all about getting courting couples together.  By the turn of the twentieth century, a Céili was understood to be an entertainment with song, dance and storytelling. Terrific tales, poems and ballads were rehearsed and recited, songs were composed and sung, community conundrums presented, proverbs quoted, and other literary matters related and discussed. These days it seems to be more about Gaelic folk music and dancing jigs, reels and polkas, as well as simply having fun in a community context. Step dancing ‘Riverdance’ style is only one of the forms of dancing practiced, mainly by those who are experienced. There are certainly set dances and couple dances as well.

Many dances also have a follow-the-leader pattern that new people to the scene can quickly master. Suitable to all ages from three to ninety-three, everyone can join in the fun. You don’t need to bring a partner because, partners keep switching as the tune moves along. If you join into the Céili at Eudlo, even if you have never danced before, an experienced and enthusiastic dance caller Davydd Macdonald will lead everyone through a practice of the steps before the lively Celtic music calls you to participate. Before the community dance begins a varied program of well-known traditional folk music from Ireland and Scotland, featuring the musical talents of Louise King’s private students and invited musical guests will also be held. Cellist and teacher Louise King said “All of my students have enjoyed working on Celtic inspired music alongside their classical repertoire this term… Presenting students concerts like this allows me, as a teacher, to fully develop a particular style and after taking part in one of Maleny Céili Band’s workshops at Woodford Folk Festival this year, I knew I wanted my students to learn the dance steps as well as the notes to help them bring the music to life.” Said Louise.

The Céili Band is a great way for players to take the music learnt out of a class and into…performance,” said Nicole Murray, who leads the Maleny Céili Band. “…the fun really happens when the dancers and players are together.”

Its certainly one way to keep fit, improve your stamina, nourish your spirit and fuel your well-being.

Wish I was going to be in Eudlo on St Pat’s Day. Should be a great celebration.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

St Patrick’s Day at Eudlo 2012

10:30am -11:30am
Celtic Tunes Workshop
Nicole Murray and Emma Nixon from the Maleny Céili Band assisted by Louise King, artistic director of Cello Dreaming.
Price: $15 per participant.

3pm – 5:30pm
Celtic Concert & Community Dance
Presented by Cello Dreaming Students and Special Guests – The Maleny Céili Band.

Concert Tickets
$20 / $15 conc. (or 4554 postcode) and Cello Dreaming student families Under 12 free  (includes afternoon refreshments)

Bookings & Information
Louise King Ph: (07) 5445 917 Mb: 0415 128 799
Email: [email protected]

Download the Céili Flyer

Carolyn’s aside: Whenever I think of such a gathering as a traditional Céili I cannot help but think of the 1954 American popular movie ‘Brigadoon’ about an enchanted village, which wakes up every 100 years for a day and celebrates love and going home with Bonnie Jean. It obviously made a great impression on me when I was a child. Certainly my grandmother and mother never stopped singing the songs from the movie they loved it so much, especially ‘Come Home with Bonnie Jean’. This particular scene featured the late great Gene Kelly and Van Johnson hoofing it up in great style. Must be something about being a ‘Cameron’ by descent because I cannot keep my foot from tapping whenever I hear the music. It was certainly  joyous and the dancing, well it was simple and sensational and the imaginary setting seductive.

Enjoy Gene Kelly, Van Johnson and Jimmy Thompson in Go Home with Bonnie Jean


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