Italian Yum Cha – Culinary Delights at The Grand Richmond

Italian Yum Cha

Grand RichmondToday food found down under, either in its pure form or as a variation with changes on an original cultural experience, makes life exciting.  From pasta in an informal bistro in Venice, to an Italian eatery in your local precinct around the world in the contemporary age, surely enjoying a fine meal anywhere with those you love and care about in any setting is the penultimate celebration of life.

Yum Cha 2Melbourne where I live has a serious Italian culture base in eating establishments. Have to say j’adore Italian food, and the fact it is always made with love certainly appeals to me, especially when the people I am with are part of my immediate and extended family.

We agreed when our small party came together at The Grand Richmond, a splendid Italian cuisine based restaurant, which has won the award for Australia’s Best Restaurant in a pub, we have been all quite dotty about our Italian eating experiences from Rome to Tuscany, from Naples to Milan and the Italian Riviera, when we have visited down the years.

So, it did seem a natural progression for us all to enjoy the very special fare at The Grand Richmond – its too divine Italian Yum Cha. This is a delectable culinary delight – Italy meets China, why didn’t we think of it before?

Italian Yum ChaThe Italians after all do have the Chinese connection, with Marco Polo ((1254- 1324) travelling there in the thirteenth century, and bringing home among other things, the whole experience of eating noodles/pasta.

My son kept the date on his calendar for a year, having just missed out last time on getting a table for this rare event, so he could be in with a chance when it was time to book. It’s on once a month for three months in winter.

Italian Yum Cha 1Our fabulous and very fine fare ‘beating with an Italian Heart’ was tremendously enticing – beautiful small dishes of simply to-die-for food happily being whisked around the room ready for you to choose from, and decide which you admire the most.

Have to say the five of us who dined together so gloriously, simply loved the whole experience with Italian specialties in traditional yum cha style.

We started with Oysters with mignonette dressing, followed by delicious Kingfish crudo, cured apple, fennel and lemon verbena. Duck liver parfait with brioche was indeed a special treat, with some declaring it their favourite at the end.

The roasted scallop with cauliflower, almonds and tarragon was melt in your mouth wondrous, followed by Porcini risotto and potato and leek agnolotti with black olives, fried leeks and brown butter, all of which just about made us sing.

The roasted scallop with cauliflower, almonds and tarragon was melt in your mouth wondrous. However, the succulent Char-grilled Quail for me was the icing on the cake.

Superbly juicy and tender it was followed by Char grilled swordfish skewers, salmoriglio, lemon and oregano. Yummo!

Didn’t imagine for a minute we would squeeze in the Dolce, or sweets.

Tiramisu, Lemon tart with mascarpone cream, Italian doghnuts to die for again, with mascarpone cream plus Chocolate marquise with simply brilliant pistachio, vanilla and coffee ice cream.

Wow, the wines were carefully chosen with a marvellous Victorian ‘sticky’ at the end, which went down a treat.

The waiters were wonderful, the service top notch.

Do check out their website as there are special nights, including touring the regions of Italy on a Monday night, sampling its many and varied culinary delights.


Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2019

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