Janet Seidel Trio – All That Jazz in Victoria in June, 2015

Janet SEidel TrioOne of my favourite albums is ‘Far Away Places’ and so it was good to hear recent news from “Australia’s first lady of jazz singing” Janet Seidel and her trio, who related tales of their latest adventures in song.

“… we’ve just come back from a concert in Shanghai”, Carolyn she related “…it was an absolute buzz being in China and the concert was packed to capacity”.

Good news indeed and Janet related that the trio also…

“…spent 3 months in the UK last year returning home in November”, revealing how important it is for a musician today that global travel is integral to their daily life.

From recording studios to live radio performances, including ABC, BBC, and from concert halls, theatres, jazz clubs and festivals, to cabaret venues to country halls and private parties, Janet Seidel and her wing men David Seidel and Chuck Morgan win over new audiences time and time and again.

Jazz music as a genre remains a perennial favourite with many people, and Janet and her Trio are great entertainers.

birthday cake copy We understand Janet has a birthday bash coming up on 28th May at Colbourne Avenue, Glebe in Sydney before she packs her bags yet again.


Featuring the trio, plus special guest Andy Baylor and with many musician friends sitting in, there will be plenty of candles and champagne.

The benefit will donate proceeds to the Oxfam Nepal appeal.

On the road to Victoria in June, the Janet Seidel Trio; Janet, her brother David and Chuck Morgan on guitar will no doubt receive widespread acclaim for their numerous live performances.

They have the power to soothe and seduce all at once with sensuous sounds, sure to put you under their spell.

They’re always welcome at Her Majesty’s in Ballarat where Janet will singing songs in the Key of Peggy Lee Morning Melodies on the 11th June.

At Moorabin at the Kingston Theatre an evening with the Janet Seidel Trio will take place on the 12th June, and based on other visits, their concerts sell out fast.

Another popular destination is the jazz club Dizzys at Richmond in Melbourne, where the trio will feature on Sat 13th June.

SeidelEverywhere they go the Janet Seidel Trio are renowned for their stylish smooth sophisticated sleek and very cool jazz and at Paynesville Wine Bar Wed 17th June and the Merimbula Jazz Club on Thursday 18th June they will be sure to gain many more fans as they cover the genres of jazz, cabaret, lounge and easy listening.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2015

Janet Seidel Trio

JANET SEIDEL vocal, piano
CHUCK MORGAN guitar (hand crafted Campellone), ukelele (Hawaiian)
DAVID SEIDEL double bass David (circa 1820 gut strung English double bass)



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