Jo Bayley’s Impressions – Meeting Sculptor Suzie O’Shea

On a clear June winter’s day , we met Suzie O’Shea. Mud covering her apron, a mass of dark curls atop of her head, and a mischievous glint in her eye, she is a character borne from delicious imagination. After experiencing her salon in Bendigo filled with clay dresses of all sizes and finishes, we made our way to a local wine bar. We had arranged to meet to find out a little more about her, so we cozied up to the open fire and waited.

In waltzed Suzie, dressed in a dark navy coat with a shawl collar, my mind was transported to revolutionary France of the 1700’s. A libertine in our midst! While libertines were seen as amoral members of society, Suzie is far from it. She entertained us no end, and after many wonderful anecdotes, we had to drag ourselves away to the awaiting train. Such a captivating soul, we could have stayed for hours (and I’m sure much more red wine would have been involved)!

Libertines place value on physical pleasure, mainly those experienced through the senses. Suzie O’Shea does just that though her sculpture. So as she is creating it, and we are viewing, we become libertines too. She is such an intriguing individual, and with an obvious love for her chosen medium, one can’t help but get swept away. I have no doubt, with a subtle suggestion she could have had us marching for Liberty, Equality  and the Fraternity of fabulous frocks made out of clay.

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