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Fashion Elixir“Jo Bayley is not only the fashion elixir – she is an elixir of life. She is like a breath of fresh air guiding us all in fashion and style. Her passion is contagious – she wants us all to feel and look the best we can. She is stylish and creative and she just knows what works – for everyone and every body. She’s the best!” says Dimity Hodge, Head of Women in Leadership at Westpac who tunes in regularly to Jo’s weekly column, which recommences Wednesday January 23, 2013 for all her dedicated followers

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  • Leslie Radloff says:

    The ideas here are timeless, and right on the mark. They work for all ages, and Jo is right in saying salespeople should tell you to remove those tacky labels. Why don’t manufacturers listen when we say they scratch, ride up, add bumps?

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