Jo Bayley’s Closet Cull – A Fresh Start to 2014 Fashion Year

I don’t know about you fellow fashion fans, but at the beginning of each year I feel the need… the need for a cull!

It has to happen after Christmas for me.

Christmas is my busiest time, with every one wanting to look their best for party season, and until I have a few days off, to clear my head, I just can’t focus.

So on around the 2nd of January I decided I would get my head around a big closet clean out!

Where do you start?

Well as just mentioned, a clear head and motivation always helps.

And a little outside help can be needed too.

Don’t be afraid to rope in a good friend for the ominous task.

Choose someone whose opinion you respect and fashion choices you like.

Another option is to enlist the services of a personal stylist for a few hours.

This way you will get a truly unbiased view of your wardrobe choices.

Personal stylists are trained in colour analysis and are body shape experts.

They want you to look the best you possibly can, and may also introduce looks you may never thought of trying.

They will also suggest seasonal pieces to add for an instant update.

So the next thing is to put aside a good chunk of the day, you don’t want to rush this process.

It is easy to become indecisive, so take your time.

You also don’t want to make any mistake and regret getting rid of a piece.

Clothes will be divided into 3 piles:

clothes to donate to the charity store
pieces that you love and definitely want to keep
those that you are unsure about

Be prepared to try on every item you own.

This is the only way you can make an informed choice, especially in the unsure pile.

I found my charity shop pile quite easy to fill, some things were glaringly obvious, definitely a “was I on drugs when I bought that?” moment for some!

In the unsure pile, lay pieces out and take a good hard look.

Be brave and brutally honest.

Ask yourself these questions;

will this piece work with my keeper pieces?
is this colour right for me?

is it a great fit?

does the shape flatter my figure?

Answering these questions truthfully should easily get rid of around 50% of this pile.

With the rest, try each piece with keeper pieces. Mix it up, that oxblood biker jacket that you love to wear with dark skinny jeans could look amazing with a tweed pencil skirt and stilettos.

Or try that lady like floral dress with beaten up ankle boots and a vintage denim jacket.

Be well versed in the art of wild card dressing, it can be exciting and portray a highly individual style. But that’s a subject for another Fashion Elixir.

Once you have settle on the “keeper pile” assess the state of your clothes.

Divide this pile into things that need mending, washing or dry-cleaning.

Don’t forget shoes and accessories.

If need be, take your shoes to a great cobbler and give them the once over.

Not only is this good for the life of the shoe, lets face it if you are paying $200 plus for a pair of shoes you want them to last, it is also a godsend for your feet.

Take a look at the heels of your shoes, you may notice a slight slant inward or outward.

We all have an individual walk and wear down our heels and soles in different spots.

Keep this even and your feet and back will thank you for it!

Replace buttons, make sure hems are neat and no loose threads are sneaking out, and lastly, if you haven’t worn something in a while, just pop it on a short cycle in the wash or have it dry cleaned to freshen it up.

You don’t want to worry about musty odours.

If you can afford it, splash out on good quality coat hangers.

This will save much needed wardrobe space and keep clothes happy.

Drawer liners are luxurious too.

My favourites are Crabtree and Evelyn in “Nantucket Briar”. The scent is fresh and light, just a delight!

When everything is clean, fresh and easy to see you will find you enjoy your closet.

So, if you’re ready, clear the decks and discover the wardrobe you always wanted.

After all, it has been there all the time, right before your eyes!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

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