John Nash Terraces at London

The Prince of Wales patronage of the arts was vital to the propagation of the Regency style at London in England. He and his new architect John Nash became dictators of the new taste.  They began by remodeling much of the western part of London; the combination of the Prince’s vision and authority and Nash’s ideas for town planning, shaped Regency London into a splendid city of superb stucco and wrought iron villas. This could have been a disaster,  but because there was still a tradition of good manners and an instinct of style and taste it was a great success. Contemporary Londoner’s were concerned with the severe straight fronted, Ionic, and newly gas lit London, but it commanded their respect as it does ours and it created a mania all over England from the fashionable South coast to inland spas like Cheltenham through Richmond into Surrey, westwards through Marlow and northwards through St. Albans.

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