Kiss And Make-Up – Bridal Hair and Beauty

Dress – tick

Flowers – tick

What’s next? Why I believe it’s hair and make-up!

It is important to look and feel your best on your wedding day as hopefully you only do it once, so lets take a look at where to start.

Having been a professional hairdresser for over 27 years (gasp), I have seen my fair share of brides.

My first piece of advice is to start with haircare.

As soon as a date has been set, start a conversation with your hairdresser about perfect products.

This is the time to get colour and condition under control. If both these things are faultless, then you are in great hands and don’t change a thing!

If like many, you decide it’s time to change from supermarket shampoo, then it’s time to have a chat.

Speaking for myself, I use Redken products.

They have a fantastic range of salon only products, each tailored to the individual.

Shampoos and conditioners are complimented with take home treatments, each giving excellent results.

Every bride wants shiny, healthy hair.

I would never suggest any major changes before the big day.

If you are blonde maybe a few lighter pieces around the face to create a halo effect, or brunettes and redheads think about a slight contrast either 2 shades lighter or darker positioned the same way.

This can give freshness to the face.

As always, photos are your friend, take looks you like to your hairstylist, that way you know you are on the same page, and aiming for the same look.

It will be tears if your idea of Bridgitte Bardot turns out more Maggie Thatcher!

Your bridal hairstyle should be worked around your chosen accessories. Usually a veil will be decide on, at the same time as the gown.

Talk to your hairdresser, and always have a trial, personally I insist on it. This gives you confidence that your hair will be perfect.

Think about hair pieces to add thickness to your style. These can be perfectly matched to your own hair.

If you NEVER wear your hair up, then why start on this occasion? Ultimately a bride should be recognisable to her groom, and feel like herself.

Will you be wearing a hat? Maybe fresh or silk flowers?

Have a clear idea how these will stay in your hair all day.

Fresh flowers are divine, but can be heavy, if you have fine hair this can cause issues. The wedding day is a long one, you don’t want a headache interfering with festivities.

The perfect time to cut and colour your hair, pre nuptiuals, is 2 weeks prior. This allows everything to settle and leads to a more natural effect.

If you have grey hair, and this can happen at any age, then tint 1 week earlier.

Make sure the colourist coats the hairline with vaseline, if the tint is a dark shade, to stop staining of the skin.

Speaking of skin, it is also time to get the body’s biggest organ into prime condition.

Regular facials are in order, so too are make-up trials.

Don’t be afraid to try out a few different make-up artists, just to be sure you are happy with the results.If you are 95% happy with the trial, discuss any issues and give the artist an opportunity to amend these. Sometime it is just a little miscommunication.

Also, see how you react to the brands used by the artist. If in a few hours you have a reaction to say the mascara used, it is a must to discover this prior!

My gorgeous friend Lucy Topp, from Lucy Topp Make-up will always do a trial.

She is happy to discuss the desired look, and maybe some concerns you might be having regards to your skin. She is a perfectionist and wants you to look and feel amazing. Judging by her testimonials, she does just that!

Just like hair, I would not advocate any new radical treatment too close to the day.

Skin is a delicate organ, and reacts to stressful situations. Keep this in mind, and the “Rescue Remedy” on hand! If you do have problem skin, think about speaking to a naturopath or your doctor and see what can be done.

If you do have regular skin treatments, make a note of when skin looks best after having one done.

You can then book your appointment accordingly e.g. if day 3 after your facial, skin is comfortable, smooth and glowing, then that’s perfect timing.

Once you have your hair and make-up artists booked in, make sure you have plenty of time at these appointments.

If the make-up artist is freelance, and you are going to a salon to have your hair done, see if everything can be done in one place. This can save time and hassles.

While hot rollers are in, the make-up can be applied for example.

Wedding days go very quickly when they are your own, I know from experience!

When I workout a time frame with brides, I always work backwards.

If the cars for the ceremony are coming at 3pm, then you need to be dressed by 2pm. There will be the photographer to think about, and if you aim for 2pm, that inevitably turns into 2.30pm!

Working back gives you a great timetable and allows you to enjoy the experience.

So my top tips for hair and make-up are;

Start early with new skin and hair care products, in case something does not agree with you.

Never be pushed into a look you are not happy with, have a few trials until you are satisfied.

Give yourself plenty of time on the big day. With these checks on board it’s easy to enjoy the lead up to the big celebration.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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