Labyrinth Project Centennial Park, Sydney – Gift of Giving

Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral France

The labyrinth is a universal symbol of our journey through life. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, and it only has one path. Its purpose is about creativity, imagination, contemplation and choice, about focusing your energy, finding your centre, reflecting on the experience, working out how taking time out may enrich your day, and life journey

Emily Simpson, the mastermind behind the Labyrinth Project in Centennial Park at Sydney reports that it’s been a big year with the Centennial Park Labyrinth Project – a very good year although she would appreciate some support. When you’re putting your Christmas shopping list together, how about including a Centennial Park Labyrinth Donation Certificate for friends or family members?  Its a lovely way to include others in Australia’s first major public labyrinth, a sandstone monument to well-being in this beloved park. She also has some events you can attend. An INTERFAITH LABYRINTH WALK – Sunday, 16th Dec, at 4pm in the park. Join us with leaders from many different faith traditions.  The SUMMER SOLSTICE LABYRINTH WALK. Friday, 21st Dec at 6pm. We will be serenaded by the Threshold Choir as we all walk the labyrinth.

Emily also said “We’re now 80% funded and with your help we can cross the line and begin construction of Australia’s first sandstone labyrinth”.

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