Leather Luxe

black-leather-pencil-skirtI must say I’m feeling a major leather resurgence for this winter, be it a fabulous pair of knee-high boots to skin tight leather pants. This will be a major trend.

Recently I purchased the most fabulous long line black leather gilet (gorgeous sleeveless bodice – on sale-perfect!). I have already worn this many times in the summer months, over a fitted singlet top and faded denim jeans or a black tube skirt. It is amazing how just one piece can change the whole feel of a look. What was a very basic outfit became edgy and very 2012.

In winter, I will be teaming it with a luxurious roll neck jumper and wax matte finish black pants. Also a long sleeve fitted knit dress. I could immediately see how this one piece could transform my wardrobe for each of the seasons.

Next on my wish list is a pencil skirt, black leather preferably. Another classic. I remember having one in the late 80s. I saved up for what felt like ever and was so excited by my purchase. It was worth every cent!

In 2012, I will be teaming it with opaque tights and brogues for a preppy look. Or maybe pattern hose and stilettos for a “Mad Men” feel. Then knitted leggings and biker boots for a grittier edge. I am on the prowl for one now!

I will be digging out leather pants I had custom made in Bali a few years ago, being very careful with what I wear them with, as I do not want to hear a certain three words “Mutton, Dressed, Lamb”!!!

Be careful ladies and gents, the difference between hotness and granny biker chic treads a very fine line!

mens-leather-jacketLeather is a very versatile material, also very practical. When choosing pieces in this luxurious hide make sure the fit is perfect, in fact don’t be afraid to go a fraction smaller or tighter as leather stretches to the body. If you are trying pants designed to be skintight, make sure they are! Once you start sitting in them, they will stretch out – no one wants a baggy deriere. Think of it as a second skin!

If you are on a budget, go for classic styles, skip the fads. Leather is always in fashion, so  choose wisely and you will have a fabulous piece for many years to come. Parlour X in Paddington, Sydney, have just received shipment of beautiful Balenciaga leather leggings- just divine!

Once you have invested in your piece, find yourself a fantastic dry cleaner, specialising in leather or suede. Be careful of mould also. If it gets wet, make sure you dry it naturally before storing in the wardrobe, those pesky spots will appear before you know it.

Avoid extreme heat or humidity that may damage the natural oils. Clean smooth leathers with a damp cloth. Store your leather in a cloth cover rather than a plastic garment bag, if it can’t breathe it will dry out.

Hang leather on wide, soft coat hangers to keep the shape intact. Leather should look natural, feel great to the touch and smell divine! Generally, the less the hide has been treated the higher quality of the piece.

Gentlemen, a leather jacket is de rigour in your wardrobe. Fabulous masculine chic, who could resist?nUnless you are jumping on a motorbike or doing your best Jim Morrison impersonation I suggest you give the leather pants a miss. It is a look only for the very brave.

A butter soft blazer, in black or dark chocolate brown will be a sophisticated addition to your capsule wardrobe, well worth the investment. The all important wallet/ card holder can’t be left out. The velcro style should be left to anyone under 18, usually living by the beach.

If you are out to impress Hunt Leather, Bisonte and Mont Blanc all have stunning selections. You will look like you have a black Amex and and a 1st class ticket to St Moritz, even if these are just aspirations, when you buy classic accessories!

Now you have the rules, why not add a little leather luxe to this season’s wardrobe, you know it will be a time honoured investment!

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