Lethbridge 10000 – Queensland’s Small Scale Art Award, 2016


Die FlötistinOpening June 11, 2016 is an exhibition of the work by finalists in the Lethbridge 10000, Queensland’s small-scale art award in support of emerging Australian artists. The exhibition showcases a variety of artworks all measuring less than 60cm in diameter.

All are by emerging and mid-career Australian artists such as Australian Photography’s 2015 Photographer of the Year, Dasha Riley whose award winning fashionable youthful portraiture appears regularly in Vogue Italia. Just love her work Die Flötistin; the Flautist.

Scott-BretonThe works produced are all priced to be very affordable to the buyer, creating a unique opportunity to see and buy the artists of tomorrow, such as Scott Breton a figurative artist who works in a number of mediums, including oil on canvas.

On show at the acclaimed Lethbridge Gallery at Paddington in Brisbane, which has a fantastic stable of diverse artists, founder Brett Lethbridge commented he was “impressed by the high standard of work which made the selection of the finalists an exciting yet challenging task”.

Brett-Lethbridge“We tried be as diverse and inclusive as our small exhibition space will allow” commented Brett, especially “…with regards to the artwork selected for the gallery exhibition”.

This is the seventh year in a row the Lethbridge Gallery has offered this prize, which aims to lift up, inspire and foster the next generation to continue to aspire to be the best they can be.

Lethbridge Gallery PaddingtonThe Finalists for the 2016 award have now been chosen, and over 100 works will be on display from June 11, 2016 when on opening night, the winner will be announced. The Award also includes an online gallery of artworks selected from the entrants into the competition.

Kellie-NorthSo many images are very appealing, they are sure to attract not only the interest but also the investment of the public.  Kellie North photographer, enjoys to capture a beautiful frozen moment in time. This year the gallery has also announced a new relationship with Art Shed Brisbane who will be sponsoring the category prizes in this year’s Award.

This comprises five $300 vouchers for the purchase of art materials at the Art Shed for the winners of the originality, creativity and skill category prizes. The catalogue of gallery finalists and online artists can be viewed on the Lethbridge Gallery website from June 1, 2016. Winner of the $10,000 prize will be announced on Saturday June 11, Lethbridge Gallery’s biggest night of the year! Exhibition dates 11 June 2016 – 19 June 2016

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