Lethbridge Gallery in Spring – Sali Sixpence & Wayne Malkin

Wayne 3During September, the delights of spring will include a joint exhibition with painters Sali Sixpence and Wayne Malkin at the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane 13 – 25 September, 2014.  They will be providing images of the landscape, created by Sali from memory and en plein air by Wayne. He creates impressions. His style is poles opposite Sali’s and full of muted grandeur that make you revisit your inner self. His ‘Along the Riverbank’ ensures that you want to glide off to find out where the river is headed and what lays beyond what you can see.

Sali 1Sali’s take on the Australian outback is a convincing portrayal of the arid plains and flooding rains of this great wide open brown land.  Walking on what was once an ocean floor ensures memories of times past come rushing in…
The ancients in the wind a song
That primal resonance
A silence so big it be deafening

Sali 3Sali has a no rules, no boundaries approach, producing works without perspective and with ‘primitive abstraction’. His bold panoramas leap from the walls. They are vibrant, clearly defined, quite wonderful really.

Wayne 2Wayne’s Bouganvillia provides a burst of colourful extravaganza. Wayne has been a finalist in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Tattersalls Landscape Prize and is this is his second exhibition with the gallery.  I particularly love his Palm Grove in dappled light.

Wayne 1In conjunction with the exhibition, Wayne will hold a Plein Air Painting workshop on Saturday 20 September where he will share his love of plain air painting in a unique and exciting opportunity to escape the studio and capture the beautiful environment in lush oils. Suitable for beginners and intermediate painters and those interested in something new, participants will first meet at the gallery and journey to a destination for the day.

Sali 2Salli Sixpence ‘Once Were Oceans’ and Wayne Malkin ‘Shadowlands’ at Lethbridge Gallery | 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane | Bookings for Workshop

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