Live at Level 28 – Sydney Youth Orchestras Fundraiser  


SYO 7Fundraising can be a rewarding and quite wonderful experience when you are offering your support to a branch of the visual or performance arts you are passionate about, while enjoying a unique adventure socially.

Sydney residents or visitors who support orchestral music and would like to help young people to achieve their musical goals, can do so on Thursday June 8 at 6: 30 pm. On Level 28 of the Deutsche Bank building in Phillip Street at Sydney, the Sydney Youth Orchestras is holding a very special fundraising event. And, there will also be a stunning and unique private contemporary Australian art collection to view.


Live at Level 28 will be hosted by Allens Linklaters international law firm. Participants are encouraged to glamorously dress up and experience an evening of very special musical performances, while enjoying panoramic views of Sydney harbour and imbibing fine food and wine.

By supporting working artists, the firm is all about encouraging the development of Australian arts and culture. The art works on view reflect ‘the sort of Australia it believes in; one that includes opportunities for children contributing to the musical future of our nation.

SYO 6Featured Australian artists whose works are on view include Joe Wilson, Gloria Tamerre Pettyare, Michael Nicholls, Noel McKenna, Peter Maloney, Chris Langlois, George Johnson, Helen Eager, Lottie Consalvo, Robert Ambrose Cole and David Bromley.

Their work with its vibrancy, colour and vitality collectively challenges all our preconceived notions of what art is or is not.

SYO 4Founded as a single orchestra in 1973 by visionary music educator and conductor, Peter Seymour during the last 43 years the Sydney Youth Orchestras has developed into a community of over five hundred young musicians aged 6-24, from all over Sydney and beyond.

Rose Niland our NSW Features correspondent reported on their combined talents recently; ‘the Sydney Youth Orchestrawere articulate and dynamic in their profoundly moving performance’.

SYO CAt the time they were about to embark on an intrepid voyage of the international music scene and she reported they would do that ‘with confidence, talent and musical perception that belies their tender years’.

Their now successful European tour in April 2017 visiting Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Prague and Berlin is behind them. It not only gave the performers invaluable experience of performing in the world where much of the music they play was composed, but also undoubtedly helped them to understand the rich layering of history and human achievement it represents.

PSO - SYO 9152Educating our children about the world of music can only lead to them enjoying positive outcomes in life. It is a scientifically proven fact children exposed to a strong music-teaching ethic gain advantages in all areas of learning. From the heights of excellence achieved from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century when many masterpieces of music became integral to daring visions of modernism, orchestral music has become a supreme artistic tradition in western culture and a transcendent expression of the human spirit.

Music stimulates thought and inspires imagination in very special ways, helping to engage the heart, mind, soul and spirit for us all. It has been proven to aid creative thinking, assist with imaginative problem solving, ensuring both fully engaged and interested minds are developed with an increased capacity for the child to perceive, analyse and turn ideas into action.

SYO 3There is a fine balance to be conserved, one that ensures that all our genre’s of music remain like all other art forms, ‘elite’ without being ‘elitist’, thereby locking others out of enjoying the live experience of music because of costs.

Through their involvement with music, many talented young instrumentalists by the time they are young adults can ‘…come together to grow, to learn and to contribute to Australia’s ever expanding cultural landscape’.

SYO 1Being ‘entrepreneurial and planning for increased revenue and business growth’, the commitment to fundraising to support their continued success is an important aspect of the Sydney Youth Orchestras and their strategies for success.

There are many genres of music to choose from today that it must at times seem overwhelming for those having to make the decisions about where the public dollar should go. It is important those enjoying their favourite music, should support its retention and ongoing success by buying tickets and attending fundraising events.

SYO 4Nurturing artistic talent and delivering great education is integral to the Sydney Youth Orchestras mission statement and as an important aspect of community and cultural growth it’s worthy of all our support.

Sydneysiders do aspire to reach the heights at Live at Level 28, where you should enjoy a grand night out as you support a cause worthy of all our support, our children’s education and the future of their well-being.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017


Sydney Youth Orchestras

THURSDAY 8 JUNE 2017, 6.30 PM

Level 28 Deutsche Bank Place, 1
26 Phillip St, Sydney


All images courtesy Sydney Youth Orchestras and the artists

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