Living Artfully & Enjoying Life – Wreath Making at Hillwood

Must admit there are times when I wouldn’t mind being in America and having the unique opportunity to not only visit the splendid Hillwood Estate Museum and Grounds, but also to be there at Xmas. Oh for the gentle life American heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post (1887-1973) must have enjoyed at her lovely home. It is from every angle, both inside and out, an aesthetic soother for the eye, the spirit and the heart and soul.

Their calendar is always full of wonderful events, including exhibitions, concerts and music, family fun days, serene Sundays, moments for making movie memories and all sorts of captivating social events, lectures and talks. It would be good to see their current show, ‘At Home with Marjorie Weather Post, Living Artfully‘. It runs until January 12th, 2014. It tells the story of Marjorie Post’s perfectly coordinated style of living and entertaining.

I certainly wouldn’t mind chilling out as they ‘hum with the holiday spirit’, attending their wonderful wreath making workshops on 6th and 7th December. It looks like such a gentle thing to do. We would all enjoy taking an inspiring walk in their wintry grounds with horticulturist Bill Johnson as he gathers fresh greens for participants to make a wreath from and take home. That is, if customs would let me back into Australia with it.

On the weekend of December 14 and 15 they are having a Russian Winter Festival, with winter storytelling, lively music, mummers parading in animal costumes, gypsy fortunetellers and Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden putting in an appearance.

From December 4 to February 14, some of Mrs Post’s wonderful jewellery will be part of the exhibition Cartier Le Style et l’Histoire – On Show Grand Palais, Paris.



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