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A classic watch, such as the Cartier Tank Louis Cartier, is a must accessory for any man or woman. I think the choice of watch says a lot about the wearer. Is it just to tell the time, or is it also a piece of jewellery worn for aesthetics?

Personally, mine is both. Being on the go and needing to be on time for appointments, I need a watch that I can rely on and I also want it to look great with every outfit I wear.

The things to think about when choosing a timepiece are;

Is it just a dress watch?
Do you need to know the date?
How heavy is it?
Are your hands in and out of water all day?

Ask yourself these questions before you outlay a substantial amount of money. It is possible to spend a small fortune so you want to get it right.

Personally I have a Longines Dolce Vita. It was a birthday present to myself twelve years ago and I have loved it ever since. It ticks all the boxes for me.

I am a silver girl and my hands are in water all day and so the stainless steel bracelet band is perfect.

This model comes with a choice of face colour, white, navy and rose. I loved the rose for a little pop of subtle colour.

A girlfriend decided on the navy face as she has a sapphire engagement ring and they compliment each other beautifully.

It was worth the investment and apart from changing the battery it hasn’t skipped a beat. If I worked out cost per wear I would definitely be ahead.

Longines, based in the Swiss town of St Issier since 1832, is celebrating its 180th anniversary this year. It is best known for it’s winged hourglass logo and now has outlets in over 130 countries.

Today Longines is the oldest trademark or logo still in use in it’s original form. There are many brands and designs to choose from.

Other classics out there are the Cartier Tank, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust and the Breitling. These are all stunning pieces that are at a high price point, but will give a lift to any outfit. You can wear these styles from the ages of 18 to 80 +.

Created in 1931, Rolex invented and patented the first self winding mechanism with a perpetual rotor. It also uses 904L steel for its steel watch cases.

This is usually reserved for the chemical industry as it allows maximum resistance against corrosion. It is a super alloy which makes it highly polishable.

With headquarters in Geneva, Rolex is a leading name in luxury wristwatches.

Breitling is a specialist in technical watches. Ask any pilot his or her preferred timepiece and I would hazard a guess that it may be this brand.

In 1884, Leon Breitling chose to concentrate on an exclusive field, chronographs and timers.

Now a leader in this field, it also established itself by developing an entire range of high tech instruments, first and foremost dedicated to aviation. This is a family business and one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands.

Since 1847 at Paris the firm of Cartier has been creating quality jewellery.

In 1904 Louis Cartier created the first watch designed to be worn on the wrist for famous aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, allowing him to read the time while he was flying. 1904 was a good year for the firm of Cartier. England’s Prince of Wales describing the firm as “Jeweller to Kings and the King of Jewellers”.  When he became King Edward in 1904 he honored the company with a royal warrant, matched by other courts in Europe.

The outline of this now famous watch, with its visible screws, evoke a plane’s riveted fuselage and have become synonymous with its design and style, which is now over 100 years old, although always in pace with current contemporary tastes.

Then in 1917 the idea was imagined, and in 1919 Louis Cartier launched the first Cartier Tank Watch, which suited a modern taste for minimalism.

Both case and bracelet were fully integrated in what became an iconic collection.

The first style of this enduring range was the Tank Cintree in 1921. Since then eight more models have been designed.

The Tank watch of 1928 had revealing windows, that were an original way of indicating that the time sprang from unusual sources.

Cartier had adopted, from the very first, a unique idea of integrating complications into his watches, developing a propensity for the unusual in design and those very same complications contributed to a certain style.

The watches in the Tank range, to name a few, from the “Louis Cartier and Tank Chinoise in 1922, to the Tank Americaine in 1989, the 1996 Tank Francaise and the stunning Tank Divan in 2002.

Now in 2012 there is the all new Tank Anglaise, which is busy turning heads everywhere.

Quality is synonymous with Cartier and it shines with this creation.

There are many great watch brands out in shopping heaven and in this piece I have chosen just a few high end numbers to talk about. Watches can change very outfit so this does not mean that less costly brands cannot work.

After all it never hurts to daydream!

We all have time for that!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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