Louise King and Music Education – Sunshine Coast to New York

Concert5LouiseKing_HighResAdvocating the importance of musical education in Australia, Sunshine Coast based Cellist Louise King of ‘Cello Dreaming‘ has been chosen to represent Australian teaching artists at a seminar in New York in July at the Lincoln Centre of Education. Based in the quiet hinterland village of Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast, Louise King  believes that Australian musicians are renowned for their ‘artistic innovation, their diversity and the ability to capture hearts at live performances’.  She will be involved with other well-established artists in many disciplines from across the globe also seeking opportunities for further training and networking. She’s getting set to brain storm her BIG ideas on music in small communities.

Louise King 3Louise King has over twenty-five years international experience in putting together a new future for classical music. She is concerned about the decrease in audience attendance at Australian classical music performances and the increasing age of the audience. She wants to help inspire others and to develop new ways of reaching out to a new generation. She is searching for collaborations and partnerships that allows the transformative power of music to speak to as many people as possible, especially in her own community.

“I am really excited to meet other teaching artists from around the world who have a passion for arts experiences, education and audience development,” says Louise.  “I am thrilled to have been selected from a global pool of applicants and to get the opportunity to go to New York to see how America is dealing with lack of government funding in the public arts and education sectors.

Louise King 2This is a chance in a lifetime. I want to find out how independent artists and small art organisations are collaborating to create artistic projects with social change at the core of their practice.” Louis said.Louise continued “I advocate every day for the importance of arts education through my performance and teaching practice and it is so exciting to guide learners, listeners or non-arts partners in creating enriching art education experiences that are deep in learning and personal meaning.” When asked why are the arts important to the wider community, Louise says that, “I believe that through exploring art works we develop reflection, creativity and enhance the connection between art and life.  I actively engage learners and invite in new audiences by opening up the artistic experience.  This allows the development of personal aesthetics and the creative processes for learning.

Louise King 3Louise King is “…delighted to have been awarded a Quick Response Regional Arts Fund grant to contribute to funding my trip to New York.” In the meantime she’s working with her next concert in her ‘Dreaming Big’ series on Saturday 4th July with the ‘Classical Pioneers’ Australia’s newest period Orchestra 1788. She will be a guest cello soloists along with Nicole Van-Bruggen basset clarinet, Caroline Hopson and Jennen Ngiau-Keng on classical violins, Heather Lloyd classical viola, with Chloe Williamson on double bass. Eudlo Hall, Eudlo – BOOKINGS

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