Marriage Equality – Prime Minister, Is The Price Excessive?

Malcolm TurnbullDear Mr Prime Minister

Now that you are in office Mr Prime Minister, is it that you don’t’ have the courage of your convictions after all?

In the past you have championed many freedoms, including marriage equality for everyone in our society.

Despite polling agreeing it’s time, it seems you have actively worked against it by agreeing to continue with the former PM’s plebiscite.

Most people when forced to face it fear change. Yet it is one thing that is sure, constant and inevitable.

How to deal with it on a daily basis is given to us by the example of our peers, whether famous, familial or political.

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Our parliament in Australia gives its elected members the powers to resolve such contentious issues, especially those that evoke fear when  faced on a public stage.

It is clear after years of polling on this issue, that a good majority of Australians support marriage equality.

Human rights issues and how we resolve them in society is a test of who we are and how we have grown.

Marriage equality is about changing the way we understand humanities diversity so that we can leverage our differences for the betterment of all, allowing our contemporary society to be inclusive.

Some will say the church ordained marriage! While that is true. However it is also true that marriage was around for many centuries, long before the Christ event and the Christian church was established.

A great many people in our day and age require that emotional and physical nourishment for each person should take place in the tradition of marriage. In this way each party will feel that his or her needs are being fulfilled. That may be a minority in terms of numbers, but it is no less as an important minority as those in Parliament who don’t support it.


This week, Cabinet members are meeting to discuss pressing issues ahead of this year’s budget*. The plebiscite on marriage for a contributing group of members of our community, surely should rank on that list?

Have not our diverse friends, who have been seeking to share in both society’s responsibilities and blessings, been put through the wringer enough historically, especially since World War I and II, part of living memory.

One of England’s single greatest contributors to the modern age Alan Turing was tortured and brutalised directly by his government for daring to be as normal as nature made and allowed him to be. How he was treated was beyond barbaric.

Wisely the Queen rose above her position as ‘head of the church in England’ in 2013 to, along with parliament, grant him a pardon on behalf of society.


While it may have seemed too little too late, she got the job done and was leading by example. Last time I looked she was still ‘Queen of Australia’ so does this mean our Parliament does not respect her views? Has it become that shallow?

People in the know more than me warn that there is a real danger of extreme violence and emotional damage that a divisive campaign about this issue will do to vulnerable members of our community and their families.

It is a hugely emotional issue for many Australian people and it matters.

So why is it Mr Prime Minister that are you not taking the initiative?


This is not about religion, but very definitely about showing how we care about each other and our friends and colleagues.

Are we going to go to war now within our own society to gain a successful outcome that honours those freedoms sorely won by so many Australians last century?

Haven’t we learned anything at all in the last fifty years about divisive issues, or indeed since ‘western society’ came into being?

Today a huge majority of people in Australia are married on un-consecrated ground – in a park, by the sea, in a hot air balloon! It’s an accepted societal convention.

If they want to have a party, wear a white frock and be married in a church too, then they should be allowed to do that as well. If they want a civic ceremony without fuss that’s fine too.

It should be a matter of choice for either parties as marriage should be available for all.

We elect what we hope are ‘intelligent’ people to represent us in government so why not help them out Mr Prime Minister.

Please have them work this out instead of throwing it back on the people at a greater cost*, which may have far-reaching consequences that really cannot be quantified.

Science is telling us what most of us intuitively sense that humans are a fundamentally social species. Marriage is a social institution and marriage equality fundamentally a question of fairness.

There should be an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and have there relationships recognized with equal respect.

This elegant French brooch takes as its theme the symbols of love. Cupid’s bow and arrows (two loose and three in the quiver) are arranged with a pair of doves, two hearts on fire and a hymeneal torch, named after Hymen, the ancient Greek goddess of marriage.

This elegant French brooch takes as its theme the symbols of love. Cupid’s bow and arrows (two loose and three in the quiver) are arranged with a pair of doves, two hearts on fire and a hymeneal torch, named after Hymen, the ancient Greek goddess of marriage.

Mr Prime Minister, love is a subject that never goes out of style, a fact I am sure you would agree with, having enjoyed such a successful personal relationship of your own.

Would it be that you would help achieve marriage equality for all.

Leaving politics aside, it would be a significant human achievement.

Carolyn McDowall, Editor in Chief, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016 – Melbourne

* Price Waterhouse Cooper report released March 14, 2016: “Marriage Equality in Australia, the cost of holding a plebiscite” we’re looking at a cost of at least $525 million to our economy.

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