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Australian antiques guru Martyn Cook, together with renowned Chicago designer Lew Wallack, has recently established an exciting new gallery in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney at Rushcutters Bay, a Sydney design hub where trendy café’s and textile distributors abound.

They have both turned their passion for fine living into an art form, which is reflected in their ability to create wonderful spaces for busy professionals in their work and home environments. It’s a mecca for those who love and admire wonderful interiors.

At 98 Barcom Avenue you will find a heady collection of superb and sophisticated art, antiques and design services that will help you create a great ‘look’, one that suits your own mode of lifestyle choices, both at home or at work.

Martyn Cook has, over his 30+ year career in Australia, sought to have the very best examples from many different cultures and historical style movements available.

With his renowned ‘eye’ and love of form and beauty, the pieces he has today on offer will resonate well in any setting, professional or personal.

Selection fine antiques, courtesy Martyn Cook Antiques

He and Lew are all about providing spaces their clients, colleagues, family, friends and visitors will all feel relaxed within, as well as visually enriched by the experience.

Today streamlining and simplifying the way our spaces are imagined is at the heart and essence of true style. That doesn’t mean however stripping them of interest.

A truly ‘cool’ interior is one that concentrates on beauty of form, which is revealed in both its architectural features and complimenting stylish decor.

Natural textile weaves such as wool; mohair, camelhair, horsehair and other such fabrics work well with many different styles of furniture.

Visually both textures and timbers together provide an important adjunct to modern living, by expressing an interest in the natural world and providing a powerful point of contrast.

Mirrored walls enhance light, while warm tones that advance bring out the effect of paler cool retreating shades.

Martyn Cook is well known in Australia for his extensive knowledge and experience in the antiques world, and for offering his clients select pieces that stand alone in any setting.

The antique furniture Martyn Cook offers is an eclectic mix combining great design, fine craftsmanship, beautiful and rare materials, as well as great individuality and charm.

Martyn Cook and his assistant Jeremy Bowker

Over the years he has developed an extensive network of contacts and today has eyes and ears on the antiques and art market all around the world.

This means Martyn can secure unique pieces for clients, who are able to choose from a global collection with individual and distinctive flair.

Hallmarks of his pieces include wonderful colour, the mellowness of aged wood, the gentle softness of old gilding, an extensive variety in exotic inlays and now extinct materials in stylish pieces that transcend time.

They were originally produced by renowned craftsmen of centuries past, who had refined their skills into a fine ‘art’ form. One such piece is a splendid Bureau Mazarin, which offers a unique view of the world of French decorative arts in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century.

The late David Roche, photo by David Mariuiz, at home in Adelaide courtesy David Roche Foundaiton

Martyn has recently been appointed inaugural curator for the David Roche Foundation in Adelaide, who manages one of the greatest decorative arts collections in a private institution in Australia.

It spans two centuries of European design and Martyn worked with David Roche for decades on a day to day basis, to assemble and upgrade his collection.

At the moment they are holding small, but very select exhibitions of David Roche’s fine collection of decorative arts, the next one for Summer 2013 being all about Flora: Motifs from Nature.

This means Martyn is currently dividing his time between Adelaide and Sydney on a weekly basis where planning is also in progress to develop the property to house a purpose-built pavilion in addition to the house property to display this fabulous private collection.

Good design is valuable in any period. Chicago based interiors expert Lew Wallack prioritizes classic looks with restraint.

He is renowned for deftly combining eras and styles and for his masterful colour palettes. Recently he has appointed well known Sydney designer John Turvey as his associate.

Wallack, Cook and Turvey are a powerhouse trio, embracing the idea of an architectural space being as one with the human form, and that every human being should enjoy the experience of moving through and being as one with architecture, that has seamless linking spaces.

Martyn’s expertise is sought after by both Lew and John, so that individual pieces can be chosen to compliment, enhance and personalize their clients interiors.

Miss Billie on the 'Albertina Palace Table', courtesy Martyn Cook Antiques

Martyn’s Brussels Griffon Billie reigns supreme at the Showroom, offering an effusive welcome to all visitors. Martyn says “Billie believes she is the top dog!”

John Turvey, Jeremy Bowker and Rebecca Graham are in the gallery to assist if Martyn and Lew are out and about.

Martyn’s mostly in the showroom Wednesday through to 3pm Saturday, although if you want to catch him personally,  it’s best to make a time with Jeremy.

L - R Jeremy Bowker, Martyn Cook, Lew Wallack and John Turvey

At any time the welcome is warm at Martyn Cook Antiques and LW Studio, which is an all new penultimate one-stop discerning interior design and décor outlet in Sydney.

At their elegant gallery at 98 Barcom Avenue, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, you will find good people with their finger on the pulse of what quality global contemporary design is really all about… you.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013



Style has a new address…

98 Barcom Avenue,
Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Australia 2011

Martyn Cook Antiques is a Member of Australian Antiques & Art Dealers Association and CINOA, Leading Art & Antique Dealers Worldwide

There is parking on the street and if you need more sustenance, Bill’s original café lurks gloriously nearby.

Phone + 61 (02) 9328 1801 or Email: [email protected]


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