May at the V & A – World’s Greatest Museum of Art & Design

V & AThe Victoria and Albert Museum at London, affectionately known as the V & A, bills itself as the ‘world’s greatest Museum of art and design’ a title it claims with much respect. During the past 10 years over 70% of its spaces have been revitalised, allowing its incredible array of collections to be more easily displayed and more accessible to an ever growing audience fascinated by its scope and reach. Art Deco, Arts and crafts, Baroque, Gothic, Medieval, Modernism, Neo-classicism, Renaissance and Rococo are all style names to different periods in history that visitors will recognise, albeit in exciting new galleries and visitor facilities contemporary designers are creating. All of This Belongs to You will assist you to examine the role of the V & A as a public institution in contemporary life – Read More

Gold Crown V & AThis May they are highlighting a number of shows currently in place that will continue over the summer or are relevant in the hear and now. What is Luxury which is on until 27th September in The Porter Gallery will make you think about what the word ‘luxury’ means to you whether physically, conceptually or culturally. Our ideas of luxury are ever changing shaped by events happening around us and deprivations we suffer personally. In the future ‘space’ will be perhaps the biggest luxury on earth. Talks about the subject are being held, while physical assets show what luxury has meant in the past from Gold Nuggets to Bejewelled Crowns. Read More

Rodin8 – 15 May, in conjunction with the ‘What is Luxury’ show there will be a week-long celebration with a few specially chosen events open to all — including a Curator Talk about the exhibition including a discussion of Rodin’s spectacular gift to the museum in 1914. The Senior Curator of Sculpture and Metalwork will discuss how the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917) gave eighteen of his sculptures to the V & A to honour the British soldiers fighting alongisde the French as their allies in World War I – What’s On | Bookings

Madame Chanel 1953 by BeatonIf you love fashion From Coco Chanel to Alexander MacQueen: a Short Course examining the lives and legacies of inspirational designers also including Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Balenciaga will happen on Tuesdays with fashion historians Judith Watt, Linda Watson and Charlotte Sinclair working alongside V & A curators.  Read More

w290One of the most enigmatic and interesting shows now on at Museum of Childhood now until September 2015 is Small Stories, whose focus ins on the many and varied stories associated with ‘doll’s houses’ including a journey through the history of the home and its evolution.The exhibition encompasses country mansions, the Georgian town house, suburban villas, newly-built council estates and high-rise apartments. What fun!  Read More

The-Alice-LookWith Alice suddenly the name on everyone’s lips The Alice Look is an all new exhibition in the ‘Museum of Childhood’ that will offer a whole new view of author Lewis Carroll’s heroine, 150 years after she was born and how she has adapted and changed to suit the times. An Alice and Fashion Conference on Saturday 9 May explores these themes further.


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