Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia – Day 2 by Jo Bayley

G & S 3The dynamic duo of Alexandra and Genevieve Smart are forever bringing glamour and style to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

With a world wide following and over 60 boutiques in Australia including David Jones, these ladies are on the pulse of their market.

Branching out from Ginger & Smart, they cleverly launched AKIN by Ginger and Smart, a spa line and leather accessories to compliment all their range.

I also love that the G & S website has a stylist option, so you can never put a foot wrong!

G & S 1This spring/summer 2015 collection entitled “Latitude” was an elegant nod to the beauty and grandeur of the Southern Hemisphere.

The runway, a shimmering sea of shifting sand, perfectly complimented soft silhouettes, anchored by strong accessories such as the “Crusader Bootie”, that made up this fluid line of 34 looks.

Hard edged metallics that drew inspiration from the red centre, stood comfortably beside supple silks and tactile laces. ‘

These choices of fabric mirrored the delicacy of the desert rose, wattle and seed pods, flora unique to Australia, from which they drew inspiration.

The siblings did what they do best, which I believe, is sublime prints.

mbfwa-2015-ginger-and-smart-19Colours of the antipodes perfectly complimented the loose shapes of relaxed pants, maxi dresses and cut away detailing.

Asymmetrical necklines teamed with mid length hemlines balanced beautifully and sexy V-necks were out in full force.

My favourite looks from “Latitude” were the “Mineral” strapless dress in bronze, the “Naturalist” sleeveless dress, the “Flourish” dress in jade and the “Plume” top paired with “Myriad” skirt.

This, I must admit it was hard to narrow down, as it was a fabulous collection highly accessible to women of all ages.

blogTo quote Ginger and Smart, “right now there is an emerging awareness of the force of nature and how we feature in it.”

With Latitude we can experience the force of nature that is Ginger and Smart.

Jayson Brunsdon 2Next up was Jayson Brunsdon.

A true gentleman of the design world, his spring/summer 2015/16 collection ” A Rose Is A Rose” was a joy to behold.

Described as “luxurious, romantic and intimately distressed with a sense of raw glamour and undone chic” it was just that.

There was a sense of old school glamour and a vintage sensibility, which I loved.

It was also a chance for Brunsdon to send his newly minted menswear line down the runway.

Guests were surrounded by hundreds of red roses in what felt to be a 1950’s Parisian flower market, you couldn’t help but be entranced.

It felt like a scene from the 1951 Hollywood film “An American In Paris”

Fabulous tulle skirts were paired with satin leopard print blazers, belted at the waist.

A very “I borrowed it from my boyfriend” vibe.

Jacquards joined sequins for a decadent feel, which were beautifully balanced out by patent brogues.

I love the idea of a knee length jacket in mid weight jacquard teamed with a gossamer tulle ballerina length skirt poking out. A bit like a cheeky wink to the formality that could have been.

Jayson-BrunsdonParticularly loved the ivory/black French lace ”Love” coat over the matching camisole, balanced by the black “Duchesse Romance” skirt!

Just dreamy.

The guys didn’t miss out, stovepipe pants and well cut blazers kept them in the well styled mix.

Wool, denim, cotton and jacquard, Brunsdon’s fabrics of choice.

Brandon says “I have always been attracted to romance and classical femininity” and I think he showed us exactly that with his spring summer 2015 collection.

MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-44-of-45As the runway drew to a close, guests were peppered with rose petals falling from the ceiling, and we were spellbound! Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Join me next week when I talk Lee Mathews and Toni Maticevski!

jo-bayley-ciao-170Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2015

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