Mirusia: From the Heart – Album and Melbourne Concerts, 2017

Mirusia 3
Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse, July 1, 2017, photo by Belinda McDowall

Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse, July 1, 2017, photo by Belinda McDowall

Award-winning songbird Mirusia delivers excellence singing From the Heart, the title for her Album to be released in Australia in time for her From the Heart Concerts on September 15 and 16 at the Whitehorse Centre, Melbourne and September 17, 2017 at the Commercial ClubAlbury. She has gained a wealth of experience on the local, national and international scenes. After graduating from Queensland Conservatorium Mirusia was invited to come to Europe and appear on the concert stage with Dutch impresario Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra.

She has already performed most of the songs for this tour in The Netherlands earlier this year, with standing ovations at the end of each of her nineteen concerts.

Mirusia with Andre Rieu 2016

Mirusia on stage with Andre Rieu and Members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, 2016

Mirusia has sung in some of the great venues of the world for hundreds of thousands of people, including heads of state and royalty.  She has exceeded all boundaries, showcasing her ability to sing a variety of beautiful works from many different traditions.

Songs selected from opera, musical theatre and from both sacred and contemporary secular works are today integral to her repertoire, revealing the top of her voice is agile and able to deal easily with complex movements.

It is also powerful enough to encompass dramatic performance, fresh, bright and able to take on rich, solid colours, while lyrical and flexible enough to showcase multiple personalities.

Mirusia close up

Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse, July 1, 2017, photo by Belinda McDowall

Music is my life and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. It is what I do and who I am’ said Mirusia recently, during a generous interview for The Culture Concept Circle – sharing her life in music from the heart.

Mirusia lovely

Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse, July 1, 2017, photo by Belinda McDowall

On the Album Memory and Unusual Way are both show tunes of a very special nature.

Memory was first performed in the wondrous hit musical Cats, which I was privileged to see on stage in the West End of London in 1981.

A very glamorous ‘cat’ played by the great musical star Elaine Page performed the hit song and American singer Barbra Streisand also recorded it.

The song is about a cat in mature years remembering good times past and the lovely lyrics are based on poems by Thomas Stearns Eliot (1888-1965) one of my favourite poets and a leader of the so-called Modernist movement.

Unusual Way, a love song with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston, is from the Broadway hit musical Nine, which won five Tony Awards including Best Musical in 1982.

Mirusia 2000

Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse

Besame Mucho or Kiss Me a Lot, recognised in 1999 as the most sung and recorded Mexican song in the world, appeared on screen first in 1944, the year I was born.

My sisters (who were a backing group) used to sing it all the time when I was growing up and it was if it was written into our DNA.

Created by Consuelo Velázquez, the lyrics reflect inexperience and innocence at a time when the Catholic Church used to instruct young ladies kissing was considered a ‘sin’.

How times have changed, thankfully.

Mirusia, Emma and Lacy

Mirusia with the purple Wiggle Lachy and the lovely yellow Wiggle Emma in Brisbane, 2017

Mirusia has been friends with the Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie since they were teenagers, and they still stay in touch. On the album they sing a beautiful duet, Love is a Gift, which was written by the wonderful Australian super star Olivia Newton-John.

This is our moment
This is our night
A new beginning of the rest of our lives
With every heartbeat, with every kiss
Let’s always remember that love is a gift

Composed by Stanley Myers, the wonderful He Was Beautiful was recorded by John Williams on the 1971 album “Changes” and used in the film “The Deer Hunter”.

Cleo Laine later wrote lyrics and she and Williams recorded it on their 1976 album Best Friends.

Mirusia sang the sacred song La Vergine Degli Angeli (The Virgin of the Angels) with Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra at Amsterdam in the Arena in 2009 and received a stunning reception.

The song is by Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (1813-1901), who is one of the preeminent composers in opera history.

Journey is a song she wrote with Frank Steijns about her his husband Youri and her own Journey. They met in Mexico, travelled the world on tour, lived and married  in The Netherlands and now live in Australia.

Mirusia in BlueWithin my Heart is based on the famous bagpipe tune Highland Cathedral.

Mirusia wrote to the German composer Michael Korb and asked his permission to add new lyrics, which she did with Graeme Press.

It features a fresh new arrangement with South American Flute by Australian artist Haitch.

Also Unusual Way is a song about loving the wrong person yet not being able to leave. A complicated love.

Mirusia 3

Australia’s International singing star, Mirusia Louwerse, July 1, 2017, photo by Belinda McDowall

Mirusia is a singer for all seasons, especially when she performs as she does on this album ‘From the Heart’.

To see her sing the songs live in concert in Melbourne will be a privilege.

She is sure to raise us all up as she sings I Could Have Danced All Night, with music written by Frederick Loewe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, which was published in 1956.

It is the song Julie Andrews made popular in My Fair Lady and she is certainly one herself. Can’t wait!

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017

Mirusia – From the Heart



Track listing
From The Heart
Besame Mucho
Within My Heart
You are so Beautiful
Love Is A Gift with Lachlan Gillespie (The Wiggles)
La Vergine Degli Angeli
Unusual Way
You Raise Me Up with Carmen Monarcha
I Could Have Danced All Night
He Was Beautiful
Softly as I leave you

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