Mossgreen Tearooms by Peter Rowland – The Art of Living Well

Mossgreen Tearooms 926-930 High Street, Armadale in Melbourne with the table laid for High Tea, served with Champagne. Note the Kate Bergin illustrated Menu Cover

The ‘art of pleasure is a serious business’ and Melbourne is the town that embraces and engages art, society and culture on every level. It also celebrates the value of art, both monetarily and intrinsically. Melbourne Now, the wonderful new summer show at the NGV (National Gallery Victoria), proves that all art is about the art of now.

Mossgreen, who goes about the business of art in Australia exceedingly well, is continuing to chart a steady course from their great new base on the High Street at Armadale. They are helping to grow the social and cultural capital of our society, turning part of their wonderful architectural space into a place where we can all enjoy the art of fine living.

This includes the newly opened, and exceedingly stylish Mossgreen tearooms, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea in ‘high society’ style.

Kate Bergin, Highly detailed: Black Swan of Trespass and Some Angry Penguins, 2011, Oil on canvas, 143 x 112cm. © Copyright 2013. Image courtesy of the Artist Kate Bergin and Mossgreen Gallery.

There is a double bonus too, you can enjoy looking at the current exhibition of art on display by Mossgreen’s growing stable of prestige Australian artists, or take in an auction viewing of the most select antiques and art available through single owner auctions.

The Mossgreen Tearooms are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, the perfect place to enjoy a celebration at any time with friends, family, colleagues or clients.

Charm, great art and culinary skills collide on the group of exceedingly tempting menus available for breakfast, lunch and afternoon high tea at Mossgreen.

Kate Bergin, one of Mossgreen Gallery’s most successful celebrity artists, is responsible for the delightful illustrations on their covers.

Her latest exhibition Tabletop Performances and Other Balancing Acts was a total sell out and it is not hard to see why… Kate champions both joy and delight.

Since she won the City of Albany Art Prize and answered the ‘Call of the Highly Improbable back in 2010 she has gone from strength to strength. Now she’s enjoying ‘Croquet, Tea Parties and Other Stories from Wonderland’, or tackling ‘Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

All the menus at Mossgreen Tearooms present produce that has been ‘sourced from Australian farmers with ethical production standards’.

Peter Rowland Gold presents them; they are the new top tier arm of Melbourne’s most admired and established catering company. The design of the room is delightful, a vision of starched white linen, fresh flowers, Wedgwood ‘Butterfly bloom’ fine bone china, and an elegant ambiance, making it a welcome addition to the Melbourne daily scene.

Eighteenth century English potter Josiah Wedgwood would be glad to come back for sure and enjoy tea from the china that he made a recognisable aspect of today’s world culture. Butterfly Bloom is like a fabulous fantasy in full flight, the sort of China dear Alice would have been sure to jump eagerly down a rabbit hole if she knew she would find it in Wonderland.

From hen house to the Hotel de Paris, from Scandinavia to St Tropez, the breakfast menu is quite simply delicious. Choose from croissants and pastries, French toast and eggs in many exotic ways, all washed down with T2 teas and Lavazza Coffee, the perfect start to your day.

Lunch offers anything from delicate lady finger sandwiches to a rustic salad, from prawn cocktails to club pies and there is always the hearty Mossgreen club sandwich, served with everyone’s favourite salad and shoestring fries!

High Tea is sure to refresh all our senses as we embrace the idea of tea taking as a festival that is totally restorative in every way.

Especially when you can choose to wash it down with Laurent –Perrier Brut Champagne.

Tea for two never looked so attractive!

Anna, the every English Duchess of Bedford is attributed with starting the festival of afternoon tea. She devised the custom around 1840, when she is reputed to have said afternoon tea, served with a little light refreshment ‘saved her from that sinking feeling’ which overcame her between luncheon and dinner.

I must say I understand her dilemma well.

Anna took her tea in the very stylish drawing room of her home with friends and family at the delightful Woburn Abbey.

I am sure she and her friends would have been equally delighted to view Kate Bergin’s fabulous “Teaparty of the Wild Things 2010′ while sipping their favourite beverage, perhaps ‘Just Rose’, a beautifully soothing, delicate and floral tisane from Mr Wedgwood’s china.

In Victorian England the Drawing Room was placed so it had the best view receiving the southeast or southern sun. The advantage of the southeast was that the full glare of the sun had passed by the time favoured for visitors who came to take afternoon tea. This was considered exceedingly important.

Must remember to check out which way Mossgreen tearooms face next time I am there indulging in the ‘art of culinary pleasure’ from paddock to plate.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013


926 – 930 High Street

The Mossgreen Tearooms serve Lavazza coffee, Cocoa by Van Houton and an extensive tea menu by T2.

Please call (03) 9508 8850 or email [email protected] to make a reservation.

p: (03) 9508 8888 e: [email protected]

Mossgreen Artists List

Kate Bergin, Teaparty of the Wild Things, 2010, Oil on canvas, 112 x 142cm. © Copyright 2013. Image courtesy of the Artist Kate Bergin and Mossgreen Gallery.


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