Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Helping Your Mum Have a Great Day

Here we are again in May, and Mother’s Day 2013 is upon us.

For those of us lucky enough to still be able to celebrate with our gorgeous Mums, the question is what to give to show our love and gratitude?

I know that the answer if most Mothers were asked “what would you like on Mothers Day?” would be just to spend time with their children.

Easy, I hear your say, time to read between the lines and to make an effort for her.

This doesn’t mean spending a fortune. It means really thinking about your Mum – about what would make her happy?

Does she have a favourite movie, then maybe a copy of the DVD.

If it is based on a novel, (check out and include that too.

Add to this her favourite chocolate and tea or coffee blend, then give her a few hours to indulge.


Personally, every year I update a magazine subscription to “The Australian Women’s Weekly” for my Mum.

She loves this long published institution, that covers a myriad of subjects.

Not one to splurge on magazines herself, I know she loves receiving a copy every month, which makes Mother’s day last for the whole year.


Magazine subscriptions are the perfect gift, especially if it is a title that is her favourite. Think a little further afield, does she love UK’s Interiors, US Vogue or Vanity Fair?

Maybe she is more an Architectural Digest, Apollo or Australian Gourmet Traveller type of gal?

Tailor your choice to suit her interests, and she will love it.

Just make sure that she is allowed at least one day in the month to sit and enjoy her glossy!

Always preferable with a delicioius cup of tea.

T2 has a wide range of teas (my favourite being French Earl Grey) to choose from, while Naturopath and herbalist Penelope Sach developed her fabulous organic range here in Australia in 1990.

Today they are sold around the world and considered by many as the ‘champagne’ of all the herbal teas on the market.

They are just perfect for your Mum’s continuing good health and well-being.

Peppermint is invigorating while Petal, which is a mixture of Lemongrass, rose hips, lavender, rose petals, red clover and chamomile is subtle and beautiful to the taste and my favourite – truly special.

If Mum loves her garden, instead of flowers (which are always appreciated), then why not choose a gorgeous potted plant that will last.

This way she can enjoy the blooms all year round.

Orchids are a good choice. They are wonderfully fragrant blooms that come in every size, shape, species and texture as well as in full glorious technicolour.

In Australia native orchids are gorgeous and are admired for their pure visual pleasure

If she loves cooking, why not giver her a selection of potted herbs in lovely terracotta pots painted with black board paint.

This way each pot can be labelled in chalk to show its variety.

Perfume is always a winner, and sometimes, something she may not be able to buy for herself any more. Most department stores have box sets around holiday seasons that include fragrance and body lotion, sometimes more.

For competitive prices, try Strawberry Net.

A favourite lipstick or nail polish is a great gift too. Just make sure you check out her make up bag and write down the brand and shade.

Come to think of it, is her make up bag looking a little worse for wear? Why not invest in one and pop the lipstick or polish inside, she’ll love it.

Gold class movie tickets are an indulgent treat, and with “The Great Gatsby” opening in Sydney on May 30th, what a perfect gift!

Buy two so that she can share the experience with the guest of her choice.

Or maybe tickets to see her favourite singer who is coming to town, or a live theatre production. *

Does she deserve extra pampering? Facials are an excellent idea, so are manicures, pedicures and massage.

Or how about a few hours at the hairdresser?

Gift vouchers to the beauty therapist or hair stylist of her choice are also a way to go.

If glamour is her thing, why not book her in for a photography session with Sherbet Birdie.

Let those gorgeous girls, Miss Sasha and Miss Lucy weave their magic.

Transform mum into a Hollywood pin up, or better still – Wonder Woman, after all isn’t that what most mums are?

This is their next themed shoot, too much fun!

If you have the mum who has everything, or just loves to choose her own gift, then I would suggest a gift card.

This is also great if your lovely mum lives interstate or overseas.

We love to give my gorgeous mother (in law) a David Jones gift card, so she can purchase what she wants or needs.

No soap and hand cream for her!

Ultimately your mum will love whatever you do.

Maybe her idea of a perfect Mother’s Day is a picnic in the park, or even breakfast in bed.

The main thing, is to make her feel loved and special.

So whatever happens on May 12th, make sure you pick up the phone and call so let your Mum know that you are thinking of her.

That is the greatest gift you can give.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013



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