Muse News Editorial – April 2011

Carolyn - Photograph by Antoine Matarasso

A warm welcome to Muse~News for April 2011.

March and April are traditionally busy months to kick start the new year and we have been inspired to introduce an all new version of our site with an updated layout and new easier to read fonts. When it ‘went live’ we had a few momentary headaches. But we believe we have now found all the bugs and squashed them.

We have also launched the first of four segments of The Culture Concept Circle’s Online Course. It traces the evolution of western art, design, style and culture from antiquity to the modern age.

Over the next year  it will be released over four segments.

The first segment Civilised – At the Beginnings of Art is available for purchase in video, podcast and ebook format.

Elizabeth Murray and Tollie against a backdrop of Monet's window over the garden at Giverny

Following on from two free articles First Impressions and Lasting Impressions published on our site it was a pleasure to be invited by the distinguished publishing house Pomegranate Inc., in the U.S.A to write a Review of their all new publication Monet’s Passion.

This 20th anniversary updated edition of Californian artist and gardener Elizabeth Murray’s best selling book has a great deal to commend it. Elizabeth’s photographs of the garden at Giverny are indeed ravishing. And, you can buy the book at Pomegranate’s Online store.

Being a Baby Boomer myself a number of articles in the press as well as television commentaries drove me to write briefly about a period in world history that has spanned my lifetime. So much has happened in that time I could have written a great deal more.

There is some great new television shows that have started or are coming and Silk, from the BBC at London is certainly a cut above the rest. I will be writing about the all new series starring brilliant English actor Jeremy Irons soon – The Borgias are coming.

The Culture Concept Circle is all about the continuing development of a sustainable and creative society. It is good to receive feedback from our followers and friends and none more than this one.

This site takes the often complex world of history, design and the arts to a whole new level. It’s a cultural journey filled with beautiful images and fascinating stories. I love the simplicity and richness of the content and I’m sure you will too – never boring always fascinating!
Tracy Johnston Managing Director
Butter PR

Hope you have an inspirational Easter. Keep safe if you are out and about.


Carolyn McDowall
Editor Muse~News
Creative Co-ordinator
The Culture Concept Circle






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