Muse~News Editorial – August, 2014, Love, Desire & Riches

Carolyn at Rippon Lea

Muse~News Editor Carolyn McDowall at Rippon Lea House and Garden estate for the National Trust Australia (Victoria) Love, Desire & Riches Show! Great fun, Mr Darcy can be found lurking with glorious intent in the lake!

Spring has sprung and all over Australia people will now look forward to the sun and warmth of summer as well as the joys and celebrations that come with Xmas.

The winter hibernation is over, thank goodness.

What a long cold hard winter it has been, certainly the coldest since I came to live in Melbourne.

Being at the bottom of this vast country is prone to cold blasts from the Antarctic and now I know how early explorers to that vast land of ice down south felt.

This winter I managed to have chilblains, a most unpleasant experience which saw me become a customer of a ‘camping and climbing store’ for the first time. My son took me there to discover the wonders of thermal socks!

They worked wonders and now hopefully I can retire them soon to the cupboard until next year.

Lalique's Lovers

Stunning pendant of lovers by Rene Lalique (1880-1945)

To start the season my family will be enjoying a happy celebratory event with the marriage of my eldest son to the girl of his dreams.

She is the one we all thought had got away.

But no, they both met finally at a luncheon neither was supposed to be at and from then on it was all over rover.

They are soul mates and partners for life and it is wonderful to see how happy they are together.

Being involved in planning a wedding again for the first time in years I was reminded of the vast expenditure these ceremonies can eat up, despite a modest amount of people being present; immediate families and friends since school days.

So why do we do it, why do we mark the occasion by dressing up, feasting together and dancing into the night?

Bride & Groom

A happy couple…

Why are the rituals of tradition surrounding the marriage ceremony so important and what do they really mean in the 21st century?

Are they merely performance art? I have endeavoured to answer this from my perspective in Wedding – Rituals of Tradition and Performance Art.  To get myself well in the mood I went to view Love, Desire and Riches – The Fashion for Weddings at Rippon Lea Estate here in Melbourne.

Now ‘the stars incline, they do not compel’ as astrologer and poet Linda Goodman (1925 – 1995) observed. It’s interesting to note’ how popular the story I wrote about Linda and her book ‘Sun Signs’ about astrology and humankind is from day to day.

Perhaps it feeds into all our desires to dream, to imagine, to cherish and to hope that ‘from this day forward’ we may also live in harmony with the heavens and the earth, as well as with those we choose to walk life’s long highway with together.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

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