Muse~News Editorial – Floods & Fire, Fashion & Fortune

Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me!*

Australia is a crucible for change, a multicultural land of opportunity where birds laugh, mammals lay eggs and floods and fire, fashion and fortune go hand in hand. As we entered February, having enjoyed Christmas in a summer that seemed kinder than most, it all went awry. Fires in the south, floods in the north and both in some places in between. The phrase ‘these are the times that test men’s souls’ gained a new meaning, as thousands were left without homes to go to or without hope in their hearts. Then the flood gates opened metaphorically, as hundreds of volunteers stepped into help our nation’s professional rescue teams.

Our  first edition of The Culture Concept Circle – Muse~News January 2013 gained a higher readership than ever before. We are pleased to note a continuing upward trend in our readership and are grateful to our subscribers and supporters who share our posts.

During the year ahead will be seeking to expand the variety of posts produced by guest authors in our all new ‘Spotlight Stories’ Category located in the right hand column of our Home Page.

Artistic Director of Opera Australia Lyndon Terracini is again ‘stirring the pot’ to coin a phrase, which endears him to me as a social and cultural historian. Without people in our society prepared to push the edges, our culture would not advance.

Opera will be enjoying a highlight year with the spotlight certainly on Giuseppe Verdi on the 200th anniversary of his birth. Viva Verdi, you certainly made opera appealing and accessible to all.

You can also read what I had to say about the programs for West Australian Opera’s season as well as Opera Queensland in 2013. All and all it should be a rich and robust year.

We send a very warm welcome to award winning stylist and presenter in Hollywood for Entertainment Tonight and the Insider Anya Sarre and thank her giving us her special insight on A New Year, A New Look, A New You!

Great to have you on board as a very special guest author Anya!

The recent summer fashion trend taking us back to the fifties, when there were plenty of Box Brownie’s, Boys, Boards, Bathers and Babes at the Beach reminds us that young people are seeking to know about who their parents are and where they come from.

The coming trend for ‘Baroque’ and ‘Gothic’ design styles reflect the fact that the X generation, having grasped modernity are seeking to explore further back in time. Breaking News, our Fashion Editor Jo Bayley is off overseas again soon. Keep up with all her impressions in Fashion Elixir.

Photography exhibitions all over the world in major museums are exploring the last hundred or so years of being able to record humankind, as we roll inevitably ever forward creating and imagining our future.

Be sure to check out our Photography category.

On the subject of art, the trendsetting Lethbridge Gallery at Brisbane is kicking off their exhibitions for the year ahead with Salli Sixpence and his Botanical Wall Bling!

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all best, Carolyn

Carolyn McDowall, Editor & Writer in Residence, The Culture Concept Circle 2013



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